A Plastic-free Philosophy

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How many other skincare companies can claim this....or even care?
🌎 Do you know that the plastic caps and bottles from personal care products are not being properly recycled and that 73% of beach litter these days is plastic?
🌍 The average human is ingesting 70,000 bits of micro plastics each year!
🌎 There are an estimated 25 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the ocean today.

🌎 It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!
When a company tells you they are eco-friendly but still packaging their products in plastic, think again. They have a choice. We all have a choice and when I created my entire line to be plastic-free it was not easy. But it sure as heck was worth it. I write to my suppliers letting them know Ibprefer no plastic (meaning please no things like bubble wrap sheesh). I have found ways to ship over the years to not use a single piece of plastic and I can tell you it's extremely RARE for a package to be damaged. It's for real. We dont need plastic! Support the change....and make your voices heard.πŸ’–

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