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Spring is upon us!

Do you love the beach? I do too! This is why I do not use plastic pumps, dispensers, or spray misters. These are all plastic, most of which are not recycled, and end up blowing out of landfills into the beautiful oceans. I love putting energy from my creations into timeless, recycled glass bottles that you can reuse again and again. Plastic-free packaging is important so that you can enjoy the purest, most healing skincare rituals, with respect to the earth, and love from my hands, ready to enter your heart and care gently and effectively for your delicate but powerful skin that is ready to heal and protect. Are you ready? Browse around the shop and see what calls to you today....

Healing and caring for our body's largest organ

Close your eyes. Inhale slowwwwww. Exhale. Soften the breath as you clear any chaos in your head. Our body's are designed for continuous healing. It is never too late or too early to begin a healthy skincare lifestyle. The skin organ itself is a powerful healer and protector. Everything you feed this precious organ is fueling it's next move. Choose wisely.

Drifting by the Sea is my little company, where every product is lovingly formulated without the use of artificial colors, synthetic preservatives, fragrance oils, or other items not derived in a raw, organic form. I have been formulating for 20+ years. 

Inspired by nature

Seasonally and small-farm sourced, meticulously selected, organic & wildcrafted whole plant materials plus 100% plastic-free packaging to TRULY COMBINE the love of nature with love of skin

Handmade in Satellite Beach, Florida

Inspired by quiet, peaceful, moments and beachside tranquility

Skin-Loving ingredients

Plant-based actives effectively work WITH your skin to achieve optimal health and beauty

seaside inspirations

Lovingly Handcrafted by a Licensed Esthetician & Certified Herbalist

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