3 Skincare Hygiene Non-negotiables

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Non-negotiable definition: not open to negotiation or discussion: the policy is non-negotiable

I put together a few of my skincare non-negotiables that I am very specific about on a daily basis.

1. After showering (or face cleansing) - be careful what you touch before applying your facial products. Sometimes we have a tendency to grab our phones, or complete other tasks after showering prior to performing our skincare rituals. This can lead to more easily transferring bacteria directly to the skin. Make sure your hands are super clean before applying your products. 

2. Only use a soft cotton cloth or soft cotton pads to remove eye makeup. Never use toilet paper as that type of paper can be too rough and cause friction around the eyes. Use only natural laundry detergent so the chemicals from things like dryer sheets and artificial fragrances that are contained in detergents do not go from the cloth to your skin. 

3. Sleep with a hair bonnet to keep hair from spreading oils onto face while sleeping, or taking the chance of getting your hair oils on your pillow which can later transfer directly back to your face while you sleep. A hair bonnet can protect your face from hair oils. 

4. AM & PM face massage. I am slowly getting this habit back into my skin rituals, as this is one of the most natural youthful tricks to keep skin glowing, increase circulation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. When those muscles are worked, they become stronger, more flexible, and more resilient. (more info on these techniques soon)

5. Give the decollete (neck area) attention daily. Massaging the muscles of the neck while applying your skincare products helps to prevent atrophy and signs of aging. Applying pressure also helps to increase circulation and stimulates the lymph system which decongests and cleanses the skin. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips! 

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