An Eczema Question & My Top 4 Eczema Solutions

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I recently received a customer question about Eczema that I would like to share with you, since it can be painful, irritating, and also naturally treatable. And also since I receive questions on eczema quite often. Here goes!

Q. I was wanting to know if you could recommend/help with 40ish year old skin that breaks out, yet has patches of eczema. My eczema is just in the T zone area- mainly nose and bridge of nose, forehead right above bridge of nose.... very noticeable/ annoying areas, lol! Thanks so much for your time and consideration! 

A. Yes, absolutely! Thank you so much for reaching out! Eczema can be such a nuisance and I'm sure you are quite over feeling those symptoms. I do have some healthy skincare recommendations for a hopefully successful remediation to those issues. These are based on my own experiences as well as those of clients over the years. Please be patient because although you may not see total results overnight (but you should see some right away) the skin will need to transform through the healing process to get everything balanced and working efficiently again.

My top 4 product recommendations for Eczema:

1. Tropical Trail Soap. This could be your best solution. The blend of patchouli with sweet orange is healing and directly targets eczema. Use as your cleanser for both am and pm skin routines.

2. Chamomile Rose Face Cream. A skin-softening transformer. It won't leave your skin feeling greasy but feel more like "skin food" feeding your skin with the exact nutrients it needs, balanced with a healthy blend of antioxidant and antibacterial essential oils.

3. Driftwood Face Cleanser. A creamy cleanser enriched with activated charcoal to help draw out deeply hidden impurities that cause skin to become inflamed. You can interchange this with the Tropical Trail, or choose one or the other. This is a liquid, while the Tropical Trail is a solid bar.

4. Face Petals Secret Serum. A healing, vitamin-rich moisturizing treatment to help balance and restore. Helps to aid in discouraging eczema flare ups with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and collage proteins that repair broken scar tissue and neutralize free radicals.
In a nutshell, like I mentioned it is not an overnight fix when it comes to eczema. The skin may have become inflamed over time from your current products, and when the skin becomes literally "addicted" to harmful products it may do weird things to try and get you back on them. I always recommend giving my natural products two weeks to fully work and when you can change up your routine and detox, the results are simply extraordinary and so worth it.

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