More than 17 years ago in a small rural farming community, I began crafting herbal skincare products with botanicals from my gardens. Using the art and science of plant therapy, and the wisdom from nature to benefit skin, the craft soon went from a hobby to my life's passion. I am a licensed Florida Esthetician and a Certified Herbalist. My background also includes a Bachelor's degree in Plant and Soil Science (Horticulture) and Masters of Education. 

In the quiet seaside community of Satellite Beach, Florida, my product inspirations are taken from walks on the beach, native plants, and salty-fresh ocean breezes. Each and every product is handmade in small batches with recipes I have created in my little kitchens over the years. Organic and wildcrafted herbs, cold-pressed organic vegetable oils, moisturizing plant butters, purifying clays, steam-distilled essential oils and CO2 plant extracts are the only ingredients you will find in my recipes. In my opinion and experience, these are the only ingredients the skin needs to repair, rejuvenate, and rejoice. Many of the Florida native plants I grow (saw palmetto, beautyberry, cocoplum, etc.) are also utilized in products for their healing properties as well as sustainability purposes. Why order ingredients from thousands of miles away when we have some pretty amazing botanicals right here in our backyards? One will not find any harsh ingredients such as dyes, synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives, or other unnecessary ingredients that are not derived from nature in any of Drifting by the Sea's products. 

Company Philosophy
Purifying your skin with plant aromas and synergistic plant energy provides a renewal and nourishment of body, mind, and spirit. When skin products are created carefully and thoughtfully with the science and art of herbalism, it not only allows ingredients to work in harmony with our skin, but it awakens our beings with love and inspiration. The handmade nature of each and every product is infused with an extra amount of tenderness, thoughtfulness, love, gratitude, and positive energy. Organic, wholesome ingredients are then combined into time-tested recipes with the touch of gentle hands in a tranquil setting. My goal is for your spirit to feel the energy from both the plants and the love that is put into each and every product.

Company Mission Statement
To provide a beauty, healing, and wellness experience with each and every product, every time. Positive energy blooms from positive intentions, and in turn helps to create opportunities to relax, release, and heal. My goal is to flourish as a sustainable organization that works in harmony with Mother Nature to connect mind, body, and spirit for holistic, beautifying experiences. Customized, professional, and prompt service of kindness, respect, and excellence for every person, every time.

Thank you so much for your interest and visit. Please contact me with any suggestions, feedback or inquiries! I look forward to hearing from you! From these healing hands to yours....


Colleen Miller
Licensed Esthetician & Certified Herbalist

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