Here are some testimonials on our products for you to enjoy! If you have a testimonial on your experience with our products, please scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and submit, it's that easy! Another option is leaving specific feedback on a product - a new feature - just by going directly to the product on our website and scrolling down you will find a link where you can leave feedback so others may know what to expect if they have not yet tried the products. Thank you all so much!!!


I received my order today & I'm so thrilled! As always, beautifully packaged and all arrived in perfect condition. I already used the cleansing milk, toner I already had on hand, the serum and my personal favorite, the Midsummer night cream.

My skin loves your superior products. Never stop making them; they are always my first choice in skin care.

Wishing you & your business much success.

Salem, OR

I have been using your products exclusively since April and have been loving them and truly enjoying taking care of my skin. My skin tone has evened out a bit; the red splotches seem less prominent. My skin feels so much softer and my husband has even commented on how great my skin looks these days. The bumps on my arms have smoothed out a bit w/ the loofah/oil treatment... and I will keep at it.   All in all, I too am in love w/ your products and want more. I have spread the word to my girlfriends about you.  The buyer at our local natural store (Alameda Natural Groceries) might be contacting you as well...I'll definitely be back for more soon. Thanks so much for your wonderful healing potions!!!
- Alexandra

I just went for my yearly check up and my doctor asked me, "What do you use on your skin?"  I told him I only use your Beach Cottage Soap and Coconilla Mousse. He actually wrote down the product names, saying my skin is as soft as a woman half my age. I've been telling a lot of people about how much I love your Beach Cottage Soap. My husband wishes you would make a Coconilla Bar of soap (hint hint).  John, my husband said he bets if you made a Coconilla soap it would sell "like hot cakes". Once you have more Beach Cottage Soap, I will order my years supply.  I'm down to my last four bars and don't want to run out. Thank you for such wonderful products.  
- Claudia

 I've used the Carrot Seed Eye Renewal Treatment, a few different bath bars and love the result of everything purchased!  I haven't ordered in quite sometime but look forward to ordering soon.  The last a long time (much longer than others like Dove or Ivory), and I've given them away as gifts.  I came across your website over a year ago doing a search for organic goods.  I have a friend who peeked my interest in organic things.  I live in Central Texas, am an elementary teacher, and your products make me feel pampered and like I'm enjoying a bit of the good life!  Thanks for your effort and energy into the business.
Your supporter,

A recent comment on Green People website about our products:
The very best soap and moistening lotion on the entire planet. Every single product from this seller is top quality and honestly the very best quality bar none. I'm over 50 years of age and my skin has never looked or felt so good. 

Hi Colleen! Just wanted to tell you that after placing 3 orders one after the other at the end of last year, I am one happy customer. I have tried many so-called "natural" products (even going so far as ordering from New Zealand!) over the course of the last 10 years or so, and yours are the hands-down winners. The shampoo is amazing. The body butters are scrumptious. The Calendula Primrose moisturizer is glorious. The Avocado Eye Butter is lovely. For those of us who want (or require, for medical reasons) truly natural skin-care products, well, yours are IT. They are obviously made with great knowledge, care, and love (and perhaps a tiny swish of a magic wand :-}). THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.
All best,

Hi Colleen,
After reading through your testimonial page, I almost didn't write again thinking "Lucky woman, she must get nothing but great reviews!" --And then I remembered years of working in customer service and thought "of course she doesn't...you should write her anyway!" So, here is another rave review for you. :)  I just wanted to tell you that I have referred five friends or family members to you since last year when I first discovered your products and fell in love (i usually send the sample kits as gifts--great idea there!)  And as of this morning, when my college roommate emailed me after trying her birthday present, it is unanimous:  all of these special women are so excited by your products and the way their skin feels after using them. I am also happy to be sending my dollars to a small woman-owned company that supports organics and sustainability and doesn't have to ship the stuff halfway across the world.  Thanks for all that you do to be environmentally aware and wise; that makes a big difference to many of us consumers these days, thank God! If you are ever contemplating a larger size for any of your products, please please make it the tea tree toner.  I go through the stuff at a ridiculous pace...if I could order a gallon at a time, I would.  :) Thanks again. Hope you enjoyed your vacation earlier and that your summer is winding down nicely.

I am very fortunate to live in an village-like area where I can walk to little locally-owned business for most of my shopping needs and develop relationships with these store owners that truly enrich my life and sense of community.  You & your company are my first experience like this via the Internet, and it is such a rewarding discovery--particularly by way of something as impersonal and sometimes isolating as the web. The fact that you make this such a personal experience for your customers is priceless.  :)
- Marielle

Just placed another order for your products. My skin looks fantastic after 3 months of using your skin care.  Pores are smaller, general skin tone is more even, and my skin is really soft. The Calendula Intensive cream is the best cream I have ever used.  It firms my skin as well as softens wrinkles.  Thank you for sending me the sample of Calendula Intensive cream - I probably would not tried it otherwise, because I would have thought it was too heavy for my skin.  That is not the case, it is perfect, goes right into the skin and does not feel heavy.

I think your product line is amazing. My skin has never looked so flawless and smooth. Thank you so much
Lisa A.

I do have to say that I am loving the many facial products that I have been using these past 3 months!  My skin has never looked so great.  My sister (who I only see a couple times a year) commented recently that I have great skin tone.  The eyebright serum that I have been using for my eyes has done wonders- my eyes no longer look bruised!  Now that the days are getting cooler the serum is perfect for the day and I put the cream on at night.  Thank you!  So exciting to see how my coloring has evened out, my bumps have disappeared and everything is so smooth!
- Trish H. 

 Hello Colleen,
Hope all is well. I just wanted to take a moment to write and let you know that I love your products so far. I've been looking and searching for something that would work well for me. I can't even tell you how much money I have spent on products that tend to irritate my skin. I actually stumbled on your products just by searching the internet. I tried the Raw Skin Moisturizer and so far so good. Love it!, also I purchased the Shea Butter Hair oil, the Vinegar Rinse, Wild Rose Lip Gloss. I love these items as well. You gave me a sample of the Bed of Roses Scrub and I fell in Love with this item as well. Just received that order in the mail yesterday. I can't tell you enough how pleased I am. I appreciate your response, and again thanks for making a line that helps those that seek out natural products not only to stay green but as we are health conscious as well.
Janet, Sylmar, CA

I just wanted to let you know that your skincare products have worked amiracle on my skin.  I used to have overly sensitive skin, which included eczema, and after using your products for only a couple of weeks,my skin is now in absolutely perfect condition.I didn't realize that I was putting so much trash on my skin when I was using regular skincare products, but I've learned my lesson and will never go back. You have a fan for life. 
- S. H., Apple Valley, CA

I googled ingredients to avoid paraben and found this website. I plan to return all the products I bought with paraben and try this line. It sounds amazing!!
D.Y., New Hampshire

I just wanted to say thank you for the quick shipping on my sample order and how much I have enjoyed using the products. I have extremely oily skin with acne and rosacea, all of my drug store products for oily skin would almost dry out my skin, and anything that had the slightest bit of oil in it would make me break out. I cannot describe how much softer my skin feels and how the tiny wrinkles on my forehead have started to diminish after only one week of using your products, and absolutely no breakouts! Even my Rudolph red nose has begun to turn a few shades lighter. Also a fairly recent acne scar that I was sure was going to turn into a huge crater has softened and taken on a more level/flat appearance. My mother has noticed the difference in my skin and is thinking of trying some of your products too. Thanks again.

A quick note about your Rosemary Shampoo and Organic Conditioner - both are great for color treated hair.  My hair was very dry and frizzy,nothing I used seemed to help.I have been using both for about a month now and my hair and scalp have never looked better.  My hair is soft, shiny, and manageable.  It is no longer frizzy. I highly recommend your hair care.
- Mary M.

I just have to let you know that I'm completely, hopelessly in love with your products.I can't think of ANY other company that I've said that to!!! Promise!! Washing my face and putting on the serums, etc. have become favorite parts of my day -- I actually look forward to taking care of my skin every night beforeI go to bed because everything feels so nice and smells so wonderful.Well, now that I think about it, I'll admit the dead sea mud mask doesn't smell as wonderful as most of your other products, but I still love it. :) I also gave one of your soaps to a client as a thank you gift and she wrote back tonight and told me she loved it. Yaaay!  So there you have it. You've turned me into a total addict!!
-E.P., Colorado

Thanks Colleen! I'm definitely only using your products right now. After about two weeks of yucky, bumpy skin it has cleared up. My skin feels really good right now...your products definitely don't irritate my skin. It feels very fresh and clean and healthy (and of course chemical free). Thanks again,

Keep up your great work, and your informative newsletters!  You really do care about what goes on our skin...you can tell by your ingredients lists...that's so wonderful in this day and age.  There's so much "hype" out there, and people are so gullible,they'll fall for anything, and then wonder why they have health/skin problems!  Thanks for working so hard to deliver fantastic products!  And I really will try some of the lipsticks!  (I have actually grown Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate--so the name for your lip exfoliant brought a smile to my face!) Have a terrific day!
- C.J., Utah

Just a quick note - I have been using your skin care for over a month and everyone is complimenting my skin. Just started with your haircare and I received the first compliment on my hair.Your body cream is amazing, my skin just drinks it up.
Mary M.

I wanted to let you know that I love the Avocado Eye Butter. I use it at night, before going to bed and decided to experiment last night. I am very prone to puffiness and dark circles, especially in the mornings. I put the eye butter in the fridge and put it on before going to bed last night. Wow! As soon as I put it on, it felt wonderful, and this this morning, the darkness was less apparent than ever. I suggest that you give this a try.
- K.M.

Oh wow! Face Petal Brightening Scrub is absolutely amazing! I have a lot of allergies but I am not allergic to this, and it smells wonderful. It really does brighten your face,I also noticed it completely got rid of my pimples!!! I love your products so far and will be back again!!
- A.N.

Just wanted to tell you how before I found your products by Googling my spa recommended DermaQuest for my inflamed cheeks and chin. It worked okay, but the redness would come back. Then I started using your products. My daily routine includes the cleansing milk, the secret serum, and the Midsummer Night's Creme nightly and the Chamomile Rose Face Creme during the day. I even found that the spa's recommendation of Jane Airdale makeup doesn't work well for my skin (itches), so I'm going back to Afterglow mineral makeup. Thanks so much for what you are doing to find healthy, skin friendly products. You are a good steward of God's creation.
God Bless,
Rebecca (Ohio)

I took a chance and ordered your products on the internet and I am so glad I did. They are the best organic skin care I have ever used, and I have tried most of them. The products have made a difference in my skin right away - where usually I need to wait 2 to 4 weeks to see a difference. wonder what my skin will look like in 2 to 4 weeks!!!  I am 52 years young and have been using skin care since my twenties.  After menopause, the products I used were not working for me anymore.  went on a quest and here is where I am stopping my quest for great skincare.  My skin is glowing again - but not breaking out.  I have color in my cheeks again, but my whole face is not red.  The products are perfect. My sense from you is that you have done this in other lives, such as an Egyptian life.  I know this may sound weird, but I really get that sense from you because there are many herbalists today that do not have your expertise as to what ingredients are to be used for what skin condition and in what amount.  Much of that information was lost when the Library of Egypt was burned down during Cleopatra's time. I have just placed my second order and please continue to do what you do.

Dear Colleen,
I wanted to tell you that I am so impressed with your products! My skin just soaks up all that "organic goodness".  And I couldn't believe your shipment came so quickly! Thank you so much!
C.A., Texas

I just wanted to let you know we love the Hair Conditioner. We are still hoping for wholesale in the future. We would love to use you in our INN but if not, you have a customer for life anyway. Enjoy your day :)

Dear Colleen--Thanks so much for your reply; it is a rare and beautiful thing to find a company where you are given such personal service! Thanks again for your help and for your products; I am so happy to have found products that work beautifully & that I trust to be healthy for my skin and the planet.   

Dear Colleen,
Just want you to know that all your products worked great! The story with my skin is that it was badly burned by a laser treatment. They perform a laser treatment on my skin with my makeup and some skincare products on, and some ingredients reacted with the laser and caused my face to be swollen, inflamed and a rash, I couldn't use any skincare products for a while, but now with your products my face has improved a great deal!
-N.X., California

I just wanted to add my name to the CocoNilla Body Mousse Fan Club! What a gorgeous product!  I just couldn't wait to open my box full of goodies and when I put it on my hands to try it out, all I can say is to describe it as an "experience". It felt so soft and warm and my skin just "drank" it up. I have Fibro and RA and my hands get stiff and ache and become dry to the point of cracking.  Using natural organic skin care products has helped to relieve some of my symptoms over the years.  But never have I felt such immediate relief as I've had with CocoNilla Mousse.  I can't tell you how glad I am to have found you and your wonderful skincare products.  I can't wait to use the face creams I purchased. As soon as I get home from work, I'm going to wash my face and put on the Chamomile Rose Day Cream.  I also wanted to thank you for the surprise Lip Dream.  The name says it all!  Please keep me on your email mailing list because I won't be shopping anywhere else for my skincare products.  I am a fan for life! Sincerely,

Hi Colleen:
I wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!!  The moment I put them on my face I knew there was a difference as to other products incomparision.  And the knowledge of information that you provide on your website gave me more understanding i.e. "beeswax" I never did like products with that ingredient as it made my face feel smothered.  Now I know why.  I am so looking forward to stocking up and getting more acquianted with each of your products.  The sample kit is a great way to introduceyour line.  The day I received mine and tried them I ordered full sizes of a couple of products as I can't wait to use them everyday.  Please get use to my name. Thanks for your great line of skin care!!!
- K.B., Maryland


Got my stock of Rose soap. Thank you so much for switching the Coconilla. My husband, John (who is picky and has a skin problem/psoriasis) said he would "try the body moisturizer, if I got a vanilla or coconut scent" so hence the switch in order.So now I've got him hooked.........he really likes the Coconilla, both the gentle scent (like a warm vanilla cake coming out of the oven) and the feel.  His psoriasis, while not very  bad is showing signs of improvement after just a few days of using the Coconilla.  He's very picky and when he likes a skin product one knows it's good.

Hi Colleen,
I wanted to let you know that I do like the Pumpkin Rose Face 
Cream.  It does have a different texture as you said , but it feels absolutely awesome going on! It feels like pure oxygen going on your face. It is so pure and refreshing! Like it says on the label "alive", it really feels this way. Oh and the smell is off the charts, especially if you like coconuts! Your products are like no other!! Most of all they are trustworthy and true.
- R. Smith, Mississippi

As I mentioned before, I'd ordered the kit for dry skin (Michigan winter, and all), as well as full-sizes of the Lemon Tea Tree toner and Chamomile Rose face cream. Before that order had even arrived, I went back and purchased a jar of Whipped Body Spread in Serenity and a soy candle. Both orders, placed well into December, were received within a week from Florida to Michigan!  DH loves the body spread, BTW, and has used more of it so far than I have LOL! These products have a certain life to them, as if the plants' energy is still in tact and working on my skin.  They are very pleasant to use, especially the Face Petals Organic Cleanser... and I am not normally a foaming cleanser fan.  It's softly-scented and wonderful cleansing.  I've also used it in conjunction with the Carrot Seed Complexion soap, and gotten good results in terms of cleansing and soothing.  Daybreak Lavender Farm has made me a soap snob, so I'm wary now of other lines, but this was clearly a rich, high-quality soap!  I look forward to trying more bars from you. The Calendula Primrose Intensive Day Cream is another favorite, not too much for an oilier T-zone, and creating a wonderful surface upon which to apply MMU. The Face Petals Secret Serum is another winner, similar to other serums I have tried and loved, and really soothing my skin at night after a day of exposure to the elements. It seems to help even out my skintone. Unfortunately, the kit didn't come with the Bloom toner, so I guess I'll have to try a full-size, but the Aloe Rose toner in the kit was nice.  I'm just really intrigued with the description of the former.  :-) I will be getting full sizes of most of the above, and more, like the Eyebright Overnight Intensive Serum, and the Synergy Facial Day Serum.<br>
-April R.

I have tried a few "organic" "natural" soaps and lotions out there. Yes there are a few that are very nice, however yours are the very best.  The rose soap, really cleans and softens my skin.  I even use it on my hair it's that pure. Please do not change or "improve" your formula....I absolutely love your products and plan on being a life long customer. I don't ever want to be out of your Soaps. Your soaps also make wonderful "thank you" / "I love you friend" gifts. Just sent two of your "bare naked" soaps to my friend up in Wisconsin (friends for 32 years) I know she is going to love your soaps too! I don't know when I've ever been this excited about using soap.......thanksTake care and best wishes

First and foremost, I have been using a few of your products (the pumpkin scrub and mask, seaweed scrub and mask, and the dead sea mud mask) interchangeably for about a month. I'm also looking forward to purchasing the berries scrub and mask. They are all just fabulous! I love the way they smell, make my skin feel during and after, and love the fact that they are all natural and 100% good for my skin. I read in the blog that someone had emailed telling you about a 'treatment' she had discovered using the berried scrub and mask together. I actually do that with both the seaweed scrub/mask and pumpkin scrub/mask about every other week and although i have only used both of them (together) one time, I see the difference it makes right away! M skin feels smoother, my pores feel tighter, and my aggravated skin (from using Retin a) is calmer, less red, and noticeably brighter. I thank you and your products for this. Thank you times a million!

Hi Colleen,
I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful products.  I have just received my second order from your company and the experience is truly a delight. I love the way you turn around an order so quickly (this is so very rare).  Your products are so very unusual--my skin thanks you. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that you shine in all that you do.  I am so happy to have found you. Big Heartfelt Hug,

I will confess that I tried some soaps from a different family business that makes home-made natural soaps similar to yours...For whatever reason, the soaps dried my skin...I would get out of the shower and my skin would itch....I had to use a lot of lotion and moisturizer.. I am again purchasing your soaps and will stay a loyal customer from now on...Using your soaps I went from having extremely dry ,

itchy skin with white patches...To not even needing a lotion or moisturizer  - except during times of the extremely dry, cold, St. Louis weather...I have enjoyed all your products that I have purchased and used....I am anxious to try some new products that you have available now, such as the Herbal Recovery Facial Toner and some old products, such as the Roses & Berries Enzyme Face Scrub and the MidSummer Night Creme...Your products are wonderful and I trust your products to be safe and am confident in using them...Have a great day.....Patty

It's the little special touches your company does from answering my questions to your beautiful packaging and attention to detail that makes your company stand out among the rest. Not only that -- but you have amazing products that actually work!!!  I'm so lucky to have found you after accidentally stumbling on your site during a google search. Thanks for what you do!
- Katherine M., Portland, Or

I just started using your skin care products and it's been so nice knowing that what I'm putting on my skin is pure.  So far I love your products.  My skin has never felt cleaner.  I love the smell and texture of the Chamomile Rose Face Creme. I've had a real problem with milasma on my cheeks and I'm waiting to see if your products help. So far, so good.  I just wanted to say thanks for your amazing products.  
- Lisa B.

I'd like to tell you that I have been using an abundance of eye creams since Feb of 2007....some VERY good ones......but your Carrot Seed eye cream is "the" #1 ticket for me to date.  It is simple, light and doesn't 'bother' eyes, or make skin 'feel' taut/tight/uncomfy....it just works. I've used some you can 'feel' the tightening....but after time, lines seem to become dry...appearing worse with extended use. So I don't get too excited with eye creams as they ALL seem beneficial....initially.  Yours is good for the long haul!  Is comfortable and effective. I appreciate things that work for me, but I also want them to be comfortable TO me. :)   Will be ordering more soon!  thanks for response. 
- J.F., North Carolina

I just starting using your products...and i have to say...so far I am very impressed.  I have tried everything from a to z and well nothing has worked.  I have just recently stopped using foundation on my face..this was a big deal for me...I have never gone without any...but my face feels better and not so weighed down and your products have made my face look so nice...even after a long day at work....
- Jody

 I came upon a 'treatment' via error!  I used the cleansing grains...which I love to pieces.........then thinking mask after exfoliating, I THEN used the Roots & Berries Enzyme mask..being in the blind fog that I am usually in at end of a long day......then I REALIZED..BOTH OF THESE ARE EXFOLIANTS!!!  I'VE DOUBLE EXFOLIATED!   Too late; was a done deal!  My skin looks t.totally amazing!  Has 'ironed out' every line on my face.....probably because I've exfoliated my skin off!  Is not unduly red, irritated...just looks awesome.  I hope it still looks this way in the morning.....I don't think I'd recommend this 'treatment' on any kind of regular basis...but maybe every couple months to get an overhaul.  lol....  Had to share my 'treatment'.  I did use my Secret Serum and Midsummer's Night after this whole procedure,  :)  I can't believe how GOOD my skin looks right now.  I wonder if anyone else has ever done this...have a good nigh
- Jean

 Hi....had to give you a 'the morning after' update on my accidental 'double exfoliation' last night.  My skin still looks GREAT!!!  LIKE having a booster shot!  I think I'm onto something here!  My monthly 'face lift'.......also an interesting {possible?} "side effect".  Maybe was the double dose {overdose} of Roots and Berries and grains..but I had the most marvelous dream last night..Was so clear, detailed and so beautiful.  I was moving into a huge home, beautiful decor and I kept finding treasures..vases, lamps....a whole shelf of looked like Ivory mortars and petals....there were rooms off rooms and these were filled with treasures..just like the Treasure Room in National Treasure movie.....I've never dreampt in such detail, such color and surrounded by such beauty!   {I may start drinking the grains and Roots & Berries!..sprinkle them on my salad!}  lol..This whole 'accident' turned into an 'experience'.  :)  Just wanted to tell you I think your Roots & Berries and cleansing grains have'magical powers'....and nobody will ever convince me otherwise! lol..............thanks! 
- Jean

Hi Colleen!
I hope that you are having a wonderful week. I just wanted to email and tell you that I love your products. I am officially addicted to the coconilla body mousse! I also love your cleansers, they are absolutely wonderful! I love the way they smell and my skin is looking much better! I'm so glad I found your products!

I LOVE your products! I ordered the sample kit--- a fantastic offering!  Have thoroughly

enjoyed the products! LOVE your carrot seed complexion soap! also the toner and face lotions! Thanks so very much for doing what you do! Your products are FANTASTIC!!!!! sincerely,

I just received your oliy skin sample kit. I love it! I see a difference in my skin in just 2 uses, one day.

I bought a bar of your organic handcrafted lavender soap a while back....I never would have believed i could fall in love with a bar of soap! But, yep, it is so.... thank you thank you thank you

Hi Colleen -
Just wanted to say a big  THANK YOU again for my package!  It came on Monday (whew that's quick shipping).  Everything was securely wrapped too.  I really love everything I've tried.  Just superior products.  I've been using Eminence organic skin care, but I do like to change between two different lines.  And my skin really LOVES your skincare (even a little better than the Eminence). I feel another order brewing up soon.
Thanks! - 

I'm pleasantly surprised everytime I open one of your products since they do not have the usual organic smell to me.  That's a good thing for me! They smell so nice and so far, I haven't been turned off to any of them because of the smell. Finally, after spending so much money and throwing out so many organic products, I can stop looking for skin care!  When I first contacted you, I felt like more than just a customer, and with all the communication back and forth, you have been a miracle for me!  My face isn't perfect, but much, much better than when I first contacted you.  I haven't had any reactions from the products and with my face being so bad, that's a blessing in itself.  Your products are wonderful and I'm so glad I took the plunge and tried just once more for skin care products for myself.  I am eliminating everything else in my bathroom but your products.  I will send in a testimonial soon but just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all of your help and suggestions! You have made a huge difference in my life!  Have a great day! 
-Julie B., West Virginia

I am in LOVE with your Chamomile Rose cream...  I have been using it as the world's most luxuriant hand cream...as well as a face cream...   it's wonderful.  
-Marge, TN

I just wanted to leave a quick note and say thanks for your helpfulness and your products. I actually was in the sun for a few hours today at a friend's pool. I had the Calendula day cream on my face and my face has absolutely no sunburn at all.  Now my shoulders and arms are a different story, that was intentional, I wanted to get a little tan on my body. (I know it is not good, but I try to be careful and I don't go to the extreme, I'm still in my 20's, hope that's not to bad to do!!) Anyway, I really value your knowledge and appreciate your taking time to share your information with me. You are such a blessing!!!
-Rayanne.S., Mississippi

I am sooooooo impressed by your products and by your quick and positive response. You can believe I'l be reordering and recommending you again and again and again!  Yours, happily wearing Midsummer Night Cream even as we speak...
-P.T., Milwaukee, WI

I had ordered some of the CocoNilla Body Mousse from you several weeks ago, and I seriously do not EVER want to run out of it.  One of my daughters has had very serious eczema since she was an infant, and this stuff is the only thing that has ever worked for her.  For the first time in her life, her skin is completely soft all over; this stuff rocks!!
-N.M., Jefferson City, MO

Dear Colleen,
Just wanted to let you know that I just love the products I ordered. The face petals cleansing milk is the best face cleanser I have ever used. I mean it.  The ingredients are so pure.  Also the hair butter, it is great! I use it the night before I am going to wash my hair.  Then I put just a drop on my wet hair and it takes all the frizz out, plus a good volumizer foam and my hair is beautiful.  Also the bloom spritz for the face is great. I use it morning and night.  Very nice.  You have a customer believe me.  I am very satisfied with your fine products.
M.L., Massapequa, NY

Oh Colleen, when I arrived home from the office there were your products.  I instantly ripped open the box, unpacked all the goodies (felt just like my birthday) and began trying them out. I have to tell you I love them. I can't wait to try more.  For the next few weeks, I am sure I will be boring my friends raving about your products. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and most especially me!!!
-M.B., Scottsdale, AZ

I wanted to ask you a question about the light fragrance to the Midsummer Night  Creme. It's so yummy! I absolutely love that scent, is it the Evening  Primrose? I know that the Sea Buckthorn gives it the beautiful orangy- yellow color so that's not it. Plus, you have lots of other good smelling things in it but it doesn't seem quite like those. It  reminds me of a perfectly calm, relaxing day in Hawaii. Or maybe it's  the light fruity type scent so that could mean that it might be the  Chamomile or the Calendula hydrosol, hmm. Aside from how it moisturizes my skin the scent is one of my favorite things!
-L.H., Reno, NV

A recently posted comment on www.greenpeople.com about our company from a recent customer:
I recently ordered from this company and got their Face Petals Gift Kit.  They have selections for dry-normal or oily-acne skin.  Customer Service is excellent and shipping is very speedy.  Packaging is also great.  The products are exquisite!.....and quality. Pricing is very reasonable. There is a good selection of skincare, gifts, organic soaps, soy candles.  The creams are wonderful.  I am finding these products to be nurturing and effective.....which is a wonderful combo in today's search for healthy skincare options.  They have some wonderful ingredients for mature skin.  I found this company via a link on Nature's Gift website and so very glad I checked into it as I definitely will buy more of these products.

I just received my products this week and I am enjoying them so much I am ordering more for my mom!
-S.C., Salt Lake City, UT

I don't know how you do it but your products feel very very soft and I like them better as I use them longer. I also recommended your products to my friends who are more conscious about organic products.
- J.S., New Jersey

My skin and I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for everything. I received my package and was so excited. I tried almost everything and totally loving it. The Chamomile Rose Face Cream, excellent. It was not greasy, sinks right into my skin and moisturized my skin. The secret serum, it did not break me out and it moisturized my skin without feeling greasy. I love the bloom toner, I used it to set my mineral makeup. The Face Petal Brightening Scrub, oooh, it felt funny when I was washing it off because I felt little beads but I love it. It made my skin looked refreshed and bright. I did not have any allergic reaction to any of the products.  The Coconut Shea Hair Butter, excellent. There was a smell but it was not overwhelming. I have thick, dry (due to a lot of coloring), natural wavy hair and this product works. It made my hair feel so soft and shiny. My hair was feeling limp these couple of days but after I washed it out in the morning, surprising I got the body back.
- K.T., Santa Ana, CA

I absolutely LOVE your products! I have recommended them to all my friends and relatives. I can't wait for my mom to try your line. I am  so glad I found your site and want to thank you so much for making such great products. I have suffered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for years and since switching over to your products my skin has never felt better!! Your products were a godsend. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon
-V.M., Arizona

I absolutely love your A Midsummer Night Cream! I love the way it feels, moisturizes and especially the way it smells. The best part is that it's organically made without chemicals!
-L.H., Reno, NV

Hello, I am getting ready to place my third order with you. I must say I LOVE your products. This is the best my skin has looked and felt in 55 years! 
-L.D., San Diego, CA

Dear Colleen,
I wanted to again tell you that I just absolutely think that your face petals cleansing milk is the best face cleanser on the market.  Since I have been using this product my face is so soft. I am in my 60's and I look much younger.  No wrinkles to speak of.   I have very sensative skin and this face cleansing milk just is the best. I've been looking for something like this for years.  That is why I am totally turning over to organic natural skin products.  I do see the difference.  The next item I am going to buy is your moisturizer.  I bought an organic one before I found your site and it's O.K.,but I like your ingredients better and will definitely purchase it.  As far as the face petals cleansing milk, that product I will never be without. Also the toner is the best. Thanks so much Colleen for making good quality products.  
-M.L., New York

Just wanted to let you know I received the samples and I am more impressed than ever with your products. Your Face Petals Brightening Scrub is heavenly and the Carrot Seed Eye renewal Treatment is instantly nourishing and hydrating. Over the years I've used many different kinds of skin care products, from the sublime to the ridiculous, and I can honestly say yours are most excellent and made even more so by their organic ingredients and lack of chemicals.  Well done! Thanks, too for the wonderful customer service you provide.
-C.B., Irvine, CA

I thought you might get a kick out of this.I love all your products, especially  A midsummer night cream. I was getting ready for a casting call for the play A Midsummer's Night Dream and put some of your cream on I figured it couldn't hurt and if nothing else my skin would look great. Well I received a leading roll as Helena in the play. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the cream, either way I am wearing it on opening night!

Just a quick note to let you know how much I like your products.  My skin has never looked better. The Face Petal Cleanser, Face PetalSecret Night Serum and the Chamomile Rose Face Cream are wonderful. I am looking forward to receiving the Carrot Eye Serum. Thanks for making products that promote healthy, beautiful skin!
-M.S., California

Your chemical-free philosophy fits right in with my efforts to eliminate as many chemicals as reasonably possible from my life. Your products are so wonderful that I don't feel I'm sacrificing a thing in switching to them
-C.B., Virginia

Thank you for the quick shipment of my first order. I loved it. 
-D.J, California 

I wanted to let you  know how much I love the Midsummer's Night Cream.  It goes on so great and feels luscious on my skin.
-C.M, California

I'm not a fan of body lotion but after trying the Coconut Shea Body Cream, I love it. I'm very happy with all the products absorption rate!
--L.M., Singapore

I just had the opportunity to use the Coconut Shea Body Cream after my shower. Yummy!  My skin is luxuriously hydrated without feeling greasy.  I also love the special Secret Serum layered under the Midsummer Night's Cream. My lips are adorned with your wonderful lip butter.  I am known by my friends as a lip balm connoisseur and yours is top-notch.  Unlike yours, most natural lip balms just feel greasy and don't last on the lips.
A.R., California

Got my package today and have used it all. Your packaging is great! The website doesn't do it justice. I have been sampling products now since we first spoke a couple of years ago, and yours are superior to all that I have tried. By the way your creams are great. The chamomile rose is very soothing and brings down redness in the skin almost immediately. I have very reactive skin, the type if you scratch there is a red mark for the next half hour and people ask, what happened? I used a manual microdermabrasion and applied your Face Petals mist and Chamomile Rose Cream then watched as the redness just disappeared. I usually have to apply an algae mask for 20-30 minutes to diffuse the redness. The Midsummer Night cream leaves the skin silky smooth and I feel a tightening effect when I have used it. The lip butter i want to eat, it lasts so long and has made a huge difference in my lips, they are so soft and plump. The best thing about your line is that it is result oriented. I am  very surprised by that, I was not expecting to see such visible results, and not in one or two weeks, overnight!! Thanks so much.
-D.D., Esthetician, Indiana

My daughter has horrible eczema and we have tried everything. After using your Bear Naked Soap and Coconut Shea Body Spread the eczema basically disappeared. I can't believe the results. Your products are amazing and I'm going to be placing another order very soon! 

-C.W., Washington

You have been doing this for a really long time, it's no wonder your products are so good. It seems the handmade beauty business is quite large. With that I imagine not all things are not so great. I sure am glad I found you. 
-D.R., Montana

Did I tell you ? My skin looks fabulous...it is your products!! Everyday I have to go WOW.
- H.L., Florida

I just wanted to let you know that you got a huge compliment from my mother-in-law. I gave her a few products for her birthday and she told my husband that the Chamomile Rose Face Cream is the best cream she has ever used. Let me tell you she has alot of products and I am sure has had her share of mary kay and avon. Those women are die hards, they never want to use anything else and I think that is such a great compliment that she loves yours so much. On another note my husband told me my skin was so pretty in the sunlight it looked like waxed fruit. Now I am not sure how much I want to look like waxed fruit, but I have never gotten a compliment like that. Coming from a man that was nice. 
- D.R., Colorado

I gave a jar of the Midsummer Night Cream to my aunt who has had an awful time with her skin, she is older and does have great skin but suffers from dryness and irritation. She fell in LOVE with it, and will be ordering from you soon. Have I told you lately how many people you are helping with these products? Finally, a natural skincare company truly truly truly!!! I'm so excited to share you with everyone I know.
- C.G., Alabama