Loving on your Winter Skin

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Recently, a customer emailed me asking about the best ways to keep skin hydrated during the winter season. Immediately one of my favorite techniques came to mind, as I've been using it often lately. I call it skin layering. 

Layering products is so much fun! I love all the different combinations, and most days I don't even really think about it, I just know when it's time to layer up. 

Here are 3 ways to layer during winter that can really save your skin:

1. Balm/Cleanser. Start by applying a beauty balm over face and neck. Dampen the skin and then add a dime-sized amount of your favorite cleanser and begin massaging throughout. Rinse with warm water, then a splash of cold (if you can handle). This technique softens skin prior to cleansing, and the balm helps to gently remove any surface debris that is not beneficial to your skin flora. 

2. Balm Steam Cleanse. Apply balm to face and neck before stepping in warm shower. Allow balm to soak up the warm air and water, then applying a warm washcloth to remove. 

3. Eye area Softening. Drifting by the Sea Beauty Balms are perfect for removing eye makeup, especially in winter time. Just apply balm over closed eye area (including eye lashes) and softly pat eye area (with eyes still closed) with a warm damp washcloth. 



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