Jicama "Meat" Taco Salad

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I love me some jicama! I have used this beautiful veggie in many different recipes but recently I was browsing a menu from a restaurant in the southwest US which listed "Jicama Tacos." I looked all over their website for a picture of the dish, but couldn't find any. So after picking up a jicama yesterday, I decided to play around and make my own jicama taco (salad). This is what I came up with and it was delicious!

I Jicama, peeled and chopped

Any Mexican taco-inspired kind of veggies - I used avocado, mango, and black olives. Fresh cilantro would be a great addition!

1/2 Cup Sun-dried Tomatoes


Chili Spice

Cayenne Pepper Seasoning

Place Jicama and sun-dried tomatoes in food processor with tamari and salt. Process until you get that meaty texture.

Chop your veggies up and add your jicama meat. 

Devour :-)

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