Autumn Skin Tips and Tricks

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Regardless of how charming Autumn is, the season comes with great challenges for your skin. The after-summer effects of possible sun-induced damage and pigmentation, dryness and dehydration or acne can leave us feeling a bit weary. Changing up your skincare routine this time of year makes a great deal of sense. 


5 Tips to Autumn-ready your skin


1. Exfoliation: post-summer skin can be experiencing hyperpigmentation and exfoliators provide deep pore cleansing experiences that can aid in a quicker cell turnover rate. Check out my new scrub ~ Mocha Java!


2. Masquing: While skin can possibly suffer effects from wearing Covid-masks on our faces, beauty masques can help revitalize skin that has been under-exposed to fresh air. Masques help to draw up toxins and stimulate circulation, promoting vascular health. Did you see my new Pumpkin Honey Masque yet? 


3. Hydrate: Always a priority, make sure you get enough water during the day. Sometimes it helps to change it up by adding some fresh fruit (or frozen fruit cubes) to your water. Also, I love my afternoon herbal tea breaks. At the end of the day, it's fun to do a steam cleanse. Check out my new Face Flower Steam Cleansers in "Pore Purify" or "Facial Calm" for a special skin treat!


4. Love your Body: Don't forget about your body. After the shower is a great time to massage in some cream or skin butter. Exfoliating in the shower, and pressing firmly while applying your moisturizers helps to increase the circulation in our vascular system. I love to apply a medium pressure when applying skin products. Mermaid Mylk is available in a warm creamy Vanilla Spice blend for the holidays.


5. Layering: Layer your skincare for added benefits. This can mean first applying a moisturizer balm or lotion, following with a mist of elixir, followed with an application of serum. Yum! Also, laying the lips is so much fun. Try my new Pumpkin Berry Lip Plumping Serum with Red Raspberry Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, and Pumpkin Seed Oil, and then apply a layer of your favorite Lip Butter (I'm crushing hard on Pumpkin Vanilla right now) for lip layering.

Drifting by the Sea has got you covered! Take a look at these products, designed to help you keep your skin glowing even when the rain (or snow) comes!

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