Exfoliation Motivation - 5 Fabulous Skincare Workout Tricks for a Happy, Healthy Glow!

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Is your skin feeling the blahs and getting oh so tired of winter weather? Do you want to find some motivation for giving your skin a workout even at the peak of the winter blues?
Here are a few of my 5 favorite tips to restoring, renewing, and revitalizing skin that isn't feeling so hot lately:

1. Enzyme Envy. Did you know that using a natural, (it's so natural it's edible!) exfoliator like Island Nectar Fusion Scrub, rubbed onto the face and neck areas with a slice of fresh citrus fruit (lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit) will leave skin with a dose of vitamin C which contributes to overall antioxidant protection?

2. Face Grace. Just the word EXFOLIATE can stir up visions of harsh, abrasive scrubbing, or the old infamous St. Ives Apricot Scrub that everyone used to use, right? For scrubs to work, they don't have to hurt. If your skin is very sensitive, try exfoliating with a masque. Use the dry masque powder with a little dampness from water or honey, and apply to face and neck areas. The clays and herbs will add a skin-softening exfoliating effect without damaging the most sensitive skin.

3. Elixing Exfoliating. I recently renamed all of my toner, "Plant Elixirs" because not only do they provide your skin with a botanical vitamin-rich "drink", but they also offer cleansing effects without stripping delicate, sensitive skin from natural bacteria that helps to keep skin protected. Use an elixir at least once a day. My herbal extracts infused into the elixirs are from extracting fresh and dried herbs into apple cider vinegar or glycerine.

4. Decollete Dreams. My favorite time to scrub my decollete (neck area) is either in the shower or during my PM evening cleanse routing before bed. You won't regret manually increasing the cell turnover rate on the neck area as the aging process takes flight! Exfoliation stimulates skin circulation and also increase skin cell turnover which decreases as we age. This is why baby skin is so soft, because their skin cell turnover rates are crazy high, while as we get older they get lower....slower....and need some manual loving to get them going!

5. A Brush of Creativity. Toothbrushes are inexpensive and can offer an effective way to either apply your exfoliation treatment, or just use with water or cleanser to gently scrub face and neck areas. Toothbrushes are fabulous for applying exfoliation directly to lips, or for the area in between lips and nose, to help prevent stagnant skin and pre-mature wrinkling.

I hope your skin will stay smokin' HOT with these COOL tips! Valentine's Day is just around the bend so don't forget to visit the shop for some fun spa skincare goods for your favorite people!


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