Lavender Dreams Herbal Skin Elixir
Lavender Dreams Herbal Skin Elixir
$ 30.00

Lavender Dreams Herbal Skin Elixir

Envelop your mind, body, and spirit with this tranquil, soothing, aromatherapeutic mist that will help ease your worries and stress with beautiful plant magic. As you inhale/exhale with the fragrant aromas of lavender and chamomile with natural mood-boosting St. John's Wort extract....the energy from a pure amythyst crystal immersed into this botanical fusion will emit the positive energy and therapeutic strength for the nervous system...boosting self-love and connections to those around you with positivity, grace, and a comforting, cozy rest.

T H E    H E A L I N G.  W A Y

Saturate a cotton ball with Elixir and massage over upper chest, temples, and wrist areas. 

Dilute 2 tablespoon to 1 cup water for hair rinse conditioning therapy. 

Annoint wrists daily for heart warming self-love, calming thoughts, and balancing energy.

T H E    I N G R E D I E N T S

Lavender Hydrosol*, Lavender Extract*, Chamomile Extract*, Rose Petal Extract*, Butterfly Pea Flower Extract*, St. John's Wort Extract*, Essential Oils of High Altitude Lavender* and German Chamomile*, and an amythyst crystal. (*certified organic)

4 fl oz in a clear glass bottle with cork