Blemish Banisher
$ 16.00

Blemish Banisher

Acne vulgaris affects approximately 85% of teenagers and can continue well into adulthood, especially with hormonal changes, stress, and life events. Internal antibiotics are routinely given at dermatology offices to "contain" the acne, without ever addressing the side effects of those antibiotics, or the root cause of the problem. Antibiotics mean anti-life, killing everything in sight both good and bad inside our intestinal flora. Our bodies also create good bacteria that helps prevent and fight infection and skin irregularities, including imbalances. The second form of treatment regularly prescribed at your local dermatologist office is topical treatments. If you ever take the time to read the ingredients, you would be baffled. The chemicals and names of ingredients you cannot even pronounce are loaded into those topical treatments, once again destroying all of the beneficial flora that naturally lives on our skin. This is not to say that antibiotics don't have their place in medicine. My philosophy is to always strive to use a natural approach first, and to try it for at least two weeks before taking on more aggressive treatments for acne. 
I created several products specially for acne, because I suffered with it for years before starting my business back in 2000. That was the main reason for me to start my business, in fact because there were no natural skincare products on the market that I would put on my skin. Even some of the "natural" skincare products you need to make sure to read all the ingredients. 

The Blemish Banisher is an excellent tool to have on hand for the occasional breakout, or for everyday use. It is specifically designed to target problem areas and is therefore more concentrated than my facial elixirs. Since it's filled with only natural ingredients you can also use it as a preventative. 

Packaged in a glass roll-on bottle. 0.33 fl oz 

T H E   I N G R E D I E N T S 

Witch hazel distillate, Neem Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Infusions of Goldenseal*, Echinacea*, Rosemary*, Lavender*, Patchouli*, Calendula*, and a Proprietary Essential Oil Blend*. (*certified organic)