Compass Rose Face Elixir
$ 30.00

Compass Rose Face Elixir

Step into a sweet, enchanting field of soft pink roses, with pillowy pastel blooms gently warming your spirit. Navigate your skin through an uplifting journey with this balancing, mood-boosting, facial tonic to refresh and restore. This plant tonic balances sebum production of skin and restores the skin's pH by gently exfoliating away dead skin cells leaving cells hydrated and refreshingly dewy.

▶Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol- the main ingredient of this formula, subdues any inflammation and provides a beautifully balanced, antibacterial surface to calm and prevent blemishes. Emotionally, it works to balance the heart and emotions of the soul. 

White Willow Bark - this natural astringent helps to firm skin with it's salicylic acid content, tightening and strengthening follicles, and acting as a natural exfoliator. 

▶Red Raspberry Leaves- A natural astringent, red raspberry leaves are also rich in potassium and calcium, helping to strengthen and tone skin tissues.

▶Hibiscus- Rejuvenates tired skin, rich in minerals and vitamins that help boost the skin's immune health.

▶Rose Hips- The high content of Vitamin C in Rose Hips helps to strengthen skin cells and infuse skin with healthy immune boosting properties.

▶Helichrysum- Increases cell vitality, repairs damaged skin including scars, bruising, and discolorations.

When skin is exposed to a great deal of stress or UV exposure from the sun, it can result in aging, wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging. This facial mist has an irresistible aroma that lovingly hydrates, conditions, and renews skin cells while adding an extra layer of protection to keep skin healthier, longer.

This useful skin treatment should be an essential member of your skincare bouquet, you will not regret it!

T H E   R I T U A L

This is an effective "pre-moisturizer" that will condition skin cells before applying your daily cream, balm, or serum.

To use, apply about a teaspoon of elixir onto palms of hands. Quickly use fingertips to apply to face and neck areas. You can also use a masque brush to apply your elixir. Face Elixirs can be stored in the fridge in the summer months when a cool splash of skin refreshment is desired.

T H E   I N G R E D I E N T S

Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol*, Extracts of White Willow Bark*, Red Raspberry Leaves*, Rosehips*, Rose Petals*, Helichrysum flowers*, Hibiscus Petals*, St. John's Wort*, Helichrysum Essential Oil*, and a Rose Quartz. (*certified organic)

4 fl oz in keepsake glass bottle with mister