The Third Eye Experience

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Last week, my daughters and I started a 30-day yoga challenge. Every evening before bed, we lay out our mats and do the daily practice which is approximately 30 minutes. We love it! The instructor refers to our third eye quite often in her teachings on the interconnectedness of our bodies and minds, so I started paying more attention to that in my facial applications. I know that from my esthetician training and from being on the "receiving" end of a facial, pressure points are extremely healing, nourishing to the spirit, and intuition openers.
The acupressure on this point has been said to help relax you both emotionally and physically, helping to dissolve the division between mind and body. A sense of clarity, new insights into your life, and better decision making that changes the course and meaning of your life are some of the benefits in giving attention to this area.

Controlled finger massage and pressure can help adjust the flow of energy to your third eye point. Directly between and just above your eyebrows you will find the third eye point. Breathe deeply and slowly, applying small circular movements with light pressure.
Here are some products that I have been enjoying for my daily Third Eye Massages, and that I would highly recommend incorporating into your skincare rituals, especially with meditation and facial massage practices:
1. Face Petals Secret Serum
2. Shavasana Serenity Balm
3. Twilight Dreams Calming Serum
4. Twilight Dreams Beauty Balm

Practice this technique for a few minutes each day and listen to your energies to discover if you feel different. I would love to hear your thoughts!
Namaste xoxo~ Colleen

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