The Secret of a Serum

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This year, be sure to think about including a plant serum to your skincare rituals. Although I've been formulating and recommending plant serums for the past 20 years, I still have some inquiries as to how they are used, why they are used, and what exactly a serum is all about.

What is a plant serum? A plant serum is a carefully formulated "potion" that is completely liquid in form. It includes oils derived ONLY from plants, including essential oils.

Can I use a plant serum as my sole moisturizer for daytime? YES! Absolutely. But, don't become discouraged if you are a first time user of a plant serum, and find that it's too oily. Often times, when switching skincare products to natural plant-based products like Drifting by the Sea, it takes skin a week or two for adjusting pH levels and oil production. Think about it like this.....if you were using products that contained synthetic ingredients which caused skin to dry out quicker and taming it to produce more oil to compensate, when you switch to natural blends the skin will still be producing that extra oil, which may leave your skin feeling a bit greasy. Although it may take skin a week or two for adjusting, it WILL be worth the results.

Serums are concentrated sources of nutrients and vitamins. They do not contain ANY emulsifying agents, because there is no water. If you want to add extra hydration benefits of water, a small amount of serum can be applied in the palm of your hand, with a few mists of a DBTS face toner. Rub together using fingertips and quickly apply to face and neck areas.

Bottom line, give serums a chance and don't become easily discouraged. A little does go a long way, but experiment with what works best for your skin. For more information on specific serums and a list of all the ingredients contained in each one, visit the Serum Collection on my website.

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