The Problem with Plastic

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Over the course of the past few months, I have been reflecting on the way my business impacts the environment. In this world, we may be limited on making huge changes, but little changes we can form that embrace stronger eco-friendly habits, I believe, can make a difference.
I walk on the beach often, and I snapped some photos yesterday of the various plastics I found in just 20 minutes. These are just a few randoms. There was more. 

Why? It's 2018. Aren't we yet beyond having more alternatives to plastics, not just jars and bottles but caps and sprayers and pumps? I found ALL of these on the beach. Recycling is available in most communities, but are people REALLY recycling? And if so, is 100% of that material actually getting recycled? What about those caps? Look around you today. Try and count how many caps you come across during your day. Caps for salad dressings, caps for toothpaste, caps caps caps! Ugh!

A few months ago, we had millions of plastic pieces, mostly caps wash up on our beach. Nothing was said about it in the news. Eventually, the pieces that were not picked up by local residents on our beach trash cleanup walks, washed back into the ocean. Isn't that frightening? Sea turtles often mistake these plastics for jellyfish and other food, and the plastics do not break down in their stomach.

Here are some quick facts:
1. Each American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic each year.
2. Americans throw away 35 BILLION water bottles annually!
3. 93% of Americans have tested POSITIVE for BPA, meaning we now have plastics in our bloodstream.
4. 97% of plastics made STILL EXIST. Somewhere, they are still out there in the environment. 
5. An estimated 1 million seabirds, and 100,000 mammals die every year due to plastic ingestion.
6. Only 1-2% of the 10.5 million TONS of plastic Americans generate is recycled.
7. Every year, Americans process about 100 billion plastic bags, which takes about 12 million barrels of oil to produce.


I have to stop there, because I could keep adding and adding these scary facts that are real. I don't understand why this has gotten so out of control in our world. I love nature and the ocean, and we will have nothing left if this continues. 

I am committing to eliminating ALL of the plastics used by my company. In the coming weeks, I will be providing creative ways on using your products effectively and beautifully, without the need for PUMPS AND SPRAYER!
Instead of plastic caps, sprayers, and pumps, I am bottling with corks, and sealing them with soywax, to prevent spillage during shipment. 

If you haven't noticed, I also updated my labels as well, to avoid using chlorine-treated label paper. I love the new look, the new feel, the new vibe that I am able to pull from my soul into these products. It is one that truly reflects my love of nature.

Thank you for all of your support, and hopefully your kind understanding of the strong eco-minded direction my business is taking.
Coconut Kisses & Mermaid Wishes!

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