Falling in Love with the Pre-Cleanse

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Before your daily facial cleanse....you will fall in LOVE with the "PRE-CLEANSE" ritual....trust me!

Pre-treating the area you are cleansing helps to remove dead surface cells and stimulate skin to increase blood circulation before the actual cleanser is applied. Using a serum as a pre-cleanse tool, works to collect excess dirt or makeup so it is not carried deeper into the follicles during your cleanse.

1. Apply several drops of a Drifting by the Sea facial serum to fingertips.
2. Using a feather-like consistency, alternate hands with a flowing rhythm throughout the face and neck to make sure entire area is covered.
3. Dampen skin with water, or mist skin with a Drifting by the Sea toner (my favorite to use during the cleanse is Compass Rose) while eyes are closed.
4. Apply your regular face cleanser over facial and neck areas that were pre-treated with serum.
5. Rinse and pat dry. Follow with toner and moisturizer.

Optional: add a teaspoon of Driftwood Facial Masque powder to Serum to aid in pulling away toxins. 
What do you think about pre-cleansing? Have you tried it? Do you love it? Have fun with your skincare rituals, breathe, and love your skin.....



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