The Best Way to be Germ-free

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The number one way to prevent infection, prevent getting sick and prevent spreading germs is by handwashing. The act of washing hands with soap and water is more effective in preventing germs than hand sanitizer.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that:

  • Preventing sickness reduces the amount of antibiotics people use and the likelihood that antibiotic resistance will develop.
  • Handwashing can prevent about 30% of diarrhea-related sicknesses and about 20% of respiratory infections (e.g., colds) 
  • Antibiotics often are prescribed unnecessarily for these health issues  
  • Reducing the number of these infections by washing hands frequently helps prevent the overuse of antibiotics—the single most important factor leading to antibiotic resistance around the world.
  • Handwashing can also prevent people from getting sick with germs that are already resistant to antibiotics and that can be difficult to treat.
When washing your hands, here's a few tips:

1. Wash hands for 15-20 seconds.

2. Sing "Happy Birthday" song twice while washing to help you wash long enough.

3. Don't forget under the fingernails. Use fingernails from opposite hand to get into the nail area. 

4. Interlace fingers and rub palms and back of hands with circular motions at least five times with friction. 

My soaps are excellent handwashing tools! To make them last longer, cut bars with a knife (doesn't have to be a sharp knife). Set the smaller pieces on a soap dish, or in a bowl next to your sink. 

Happy handwashing! 

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