Summer Skin Ritual: Island Nectar Fusion Peel

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Peels have a bad rap and so they should. But utilizing natures ingredients can provide your skin of the benefits of a Peel without the harsh sensitivities that go along with that treatment. This Summer Skin Ritual includes refreshing lime fruit to slough away impurities and bacteria, leaving skin cleansed and renewed. You can actually taste the lime just by rubbing it over your skin, so you know it's working its magic.
Summer Island Nectar Fusion Peel Ritual

Ingredients: You'll need a dollop of Island Fusion Nectar Scrub and a fresh lime.

1. Cut lime into 1/4" slices and place a scoop of scrub on top.
2. Massage your "facial fruit" all over face and neck, with scrub side touching face.
3. Follow with a rinse.
4. Use remaining lime in a cool glass of water to drink, or use the lime water to rinse skin.

You'll be amazed at how you can actually taste the lime just from rubbing it over your skin. This is because our skin absorbs EVERYTHING that is placed on its surface, including dirty air and pollutants. Just imagine putting products on your skin that aren't actually healthy, and how your body can actually consume what those products contain. Ewww!
Anyways, I hope you are enjoying your summer skin rituals, and loving on your skin!

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