Face Flower Water DIY

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Have you flowerized your personal cleansing water lately? It's so much more fun to use flower petal water when cleansing that your boring tap water. Plus, flower petals and herbs have skincare benefits!

DIY Flower Water
1. Place fresh flowers in a pretty bowl of purified water
2. Keep next to your bathroom sink so it's ready to go for your next cleanse.
3. Splash face with water to damped, then use a Drifting by the Sea cleanser or your choice. Rinse with your lovely water, and gently towel dry skin.
4. Smile :-)

Note: Choose flowers or herbs that invoke a sense of joy and look pretty when floating. You'll immediately find a sense of calm when you enter the bathroom just by seeing your flower water.
My favorite flowers to use are plumeria, gardenia, jasmine, lavender, and rose. The native dune sunflowers in the photo don't really have a fragrance but they look pretty and make me smile, and I paired them up with freshly picked plumerias for today's flower water. What are your favorite flowers that would go nicely in a face flower water?

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