3 Self Care Rituals You Should Try Today

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When I was a teacher I used to talk with my students about filling our buckets. Giving compliments, being kind, helping others, things like that....with a visual of their name labelled on buckets hanging from the wall. Reflecting on self care, I have come to the conclusion that are "buckets" aren't that deep, and even small acts of kindness can overflow someone's bucket, including our own. By engaging in self-care acts, we fill our own bucket. When our bucket is filled with positive thoughts, a good night's sleep, healthy food, exercise, fresh air, and other self-care rituals, we can pass along that radiance into someone else's bucket that might be empty. 
I like to try and pass along as many self-care rituals as possible, specifically ones that involve taking care of our skin. When we transform our thinking of skincare from being a rushed, necessary process into a soft moment in time to show our spiritual being that we care, a special awakening can occur in our minds and bodies, that is inevitably passed along to others through our energy. 

Here are 3 quick and easy ideas to improve your self-care and turning it into 
a ritual instead of just a routine:

1. Brush your hair before bed. Rub some balm (it can be the Rosemary Hair Dew or even one of the facial balms or serums) into your scalp and ends, and brush through hair. Brushing stimulates follicles in your scalp and the touch from your brush can also stimulate endorphins to encourage feelings of happiness. 

2. When cleansing your face, use fingertips to massage cleanser in quarter-size circles, including the neck area and upper chest. This manually helps to move toxins through the lymph system, encouraging elimination of waste, promoting cleaner skin. Massage of the upper chest area can be an area that is not touched or massaged often, and can promote happiness by stimulating those endorphins. Try it! 

3. Flower Power! The beauty of a cup of herbal tea before bed, or during a stressful day can really soothe the soul, but it can also soothe the skin. Make sure your tea is herbal tea, and not caffeinated. My favorite tea before bed is Chamomile. Make a big pot of the tea, and either add it to warm bath water and soak, or pour it into a pretty bowl and dip a clean washcloth in to use for warm compresses over the face and neck.

I hope you will give at least one of these self-love rituals a try today. Let me know what you think! 


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