Love Your Skin Challenge #1: DIY Hot Towels

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Have you ever warmed your own "hot towels" before in your home crockpot? I did this frequently before I purchased my hot towel warmer, and it worked great! Make sure your towels are "damp" not "wet" - so you need to wring them out very well before placing in your pot. If you want, you can soak them in water that has a few drops of essential oils added. I recommend lavender and eucalyptus. Some essential oils are too potent to use directly on towel-to-skin, such as peppermint. If you stick with lavender and eucalyptus you will love the gentle, fresh aromas mixed in with the steam. Eucalyptus of course, is great for sinus congestion, and great to use on children. Lavender is wonderful for insomnia and for sweet dreams. 
Remember to love your skin today the best you can! I hope you enjoyed this tip. 

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