5 Tips for Healthy-looking Lashes

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When was the last time you gave special attention to your delicate eyelashes? When I perform facials, I can first-hand see the frequent damage of eyelashes that may be caused by several factors:
~ not consistently removing mascara before bed
~ removing eye makeup with harsh material such as kleenex or toilet paper
~ wearing false eyelashes
~ using an eyelash curler AFTER applying mascara

So what can you do to keep those lashes looking oh so lovely? 
Here are my tips for beautiful-looking lashes:

1. Wear mascara as seldom as possible. If you buy an eyeliner brush, you can brush the area above and below the eyes with a darker color to outline the eyes kind of like mascara does.

2. Be sure to use the eyelash curler BEFORE applying mascara, or not at all.

3. Always remove your eyemakeup before bed with something extremely gentle like a good quality cotton ball. I find the organic ones are the softest and fluffiest! Don't ever use kleenex or toilet paper!

4. Remove eyemakeup with a soft, soothing treatment and make sure to do it EVERY NIGHT. My favorite eyemakeup removers are: Jojoba Rose Eyemakeup Remover, and Eyebright Overnight Regenerative Serum. I also have two other treatments I use to remove eyemakup: Pumpkin Rose Soothing Face Elixir or Mermaid Petals Soothing Face Elixir work fabulous to remove eyemakeup as well.

5. After removing eyemakeup, purposely leave a little of the remover residue on your lashes. This will help nourish them while you sleep with vitamins helping them to grow thicker and lustrous.

Take care of your lashes, they will love you for it in return, I promise!

Oh, and those eyebrows, yeah, they can be mistreated often as well. More on the brows in my next blog post! :-)

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