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Have you seen the new HEAL documentary on Netflix yet? It is life-changing. I have been thinking and saying for years that "hereditary" reasons for health issues cannot be 100% totally believed. If someone in your family has cancer or another form of disease, I believe that the main way you are predispositioned to have that same illness is due to environmental factors, not your genes. There are cases where genes play a role in our health for sure. But overall, our environment....the way we are taught to eat and care for our wellness, has a larger role on our health than hereditary.

This documentary reflects on these ideas, and takes you on a journey to stories of healing, deep transformations, and just plain CURING things like Stage 4 cancer with your lifestyle and your MIND. 
One of the messages that really resonated with my soul is Dr. Kelly Turner's study on radical remissions from cancer. During the study, she found seventy-five factors that cancer survivors said they used as part of their healing journey. She discovered that nine of those things ALL of the participants shared in common. 

These 9 key factors for radical remission included:
1. Radically changing your diet
2. Taking control of your health
3. Following your intuition
4. Using herbs and supplements
5. Releasing suppressed emotions
6. Increasing positive emotions
7. Embracing social support
8. Deepening your spiritual connection
9. Having strong reasons for living 

Over the next few weeks I am going to be focusing in on each of these ideas. I am looking forward to exploring these more and engaging with others on these topics. 
Wishing you all a healthy day!

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