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I love #8! lol ....Is this flyer not just the total truth these days?
Earlier today, I was at the grocery store browsing around at some pre-made food behind the deli counter. This new grocery store in our area called Earth Fare is showing some great strides in reducing waste by offering a lot bulk foods and the option to bring your own containers to fill up bulk goods, instead of using the plastic ones you usually find by those salad bar areas, that mostly end up in the trash instead of recycled. 
I heard the excitement in the air around me.....words like 
- "wow this is organic too!" 
- "vegan cookies cool!"
- "I can't believe this place!"

This type of lifestyle has such good vibes. What we put into our bodies means we CARE about our souls, our spirit, and makes us better humans to nurture the ones we love around us, and even the ones we struggle to love! :-) 

Here in Brevard County, Florida there are not many strictly "organic" grocery stores by us, just a few health food stores, so local residents may or may not be too familiar with organic and natural foods. 
I glanced at a women beside me, who appeared to be a bit overweight for her age (mid 60s I'm guessing). She was ordering a pound of the "Mock Curry Chicken" after she tried it and the look in her eyes at all the possibilities of new foods. And I thought, why is it that so many people just want GOOD FOOD without all the junk in it, and are willing to pay more? Why should we have to pay more out of our hard earned money in order to eat without synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, GMOs and other materials listed in food ingredients. The people who were so excited about the grocery store.....this should be every grocery store's commitment. Why should good health be such a mystery still to so many......what happened so many years ago that took us all so far away from the earth?

I recently heard the term "greenwashing." I know, many of you have probably heard it before, but I am just now reflecting on what truly is going on in our country. As a manufacturer it pains me to read ingredients sometimes on other products. Please always read your ingredients! 

Anyways, I was sooooo thirsty at Earth Fare and wanted to grab a quick Kombucha to go....two things......
1. Most of the Kombucha's that are store bought have added sugar! WHAT! ????
2. Caps, caps, caps, plastic, plastic, plastic.......on all those grab-and-go grocery fridges. Where do the caps end up? 

Stay strong!!!! Say no to plastic! 

Stay tuned for a Thirsty Skin Thursday recipe I will be posting tomorrow! 

Now back to making some of those products that are being packaged up from my sale the other day. Thank you for all your support! Since I stopped using plastic, I have had ONLY POSITIVE FEEDBACK! Noone is complaining they don't have a pump, mister, or cap to disperse their product. Being creative with dispersing these beauties is a spiritual experience!!!! Try it.....

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