Whole Plant Skin Cell Replacement Therapy ~ Natural Exfoliation Techniques

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Our bodies replace billions of cells on a daily basis. Every 6 to 9 months, organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and skin replace all of their cells. Bone cells are replaced every 7 years! Although that is good news for those turning over a healthy leaf, unfortunately collagen and elastin are not easily replaced and has difficulty regainin it's health after damage by environmental pollutants, poor diets, and sun damage. THE GOOD NEWS - research has found that regular skin cell turnover can reduce visible signs of aging and improve skin health.
There are a lot of ways to exfoliate, yet there are many different types, and many different situations when one may be better than another to use.
Have you been exfoliating? If you include a DBTS exfoliator in your skincare routine at LEAST once a week, you should be noticing a difference in the health of your skin.
Exfoliating is a manual way to cleanse skin of toxin/excess dirt and oil build up, and encourage lymph drainage. When the lymphatic system experiences regular drainage, skin looks and feels better, cleaner, and overall softer.
Here are some descriptions of my DBTS exfoliators, how they work, how to match your skin type to find the best one, and when to use.

1. Island Nectar Fusion Scrub....all skin types....melts into skin dissolving debris and cleansing follicles. Gentle enough for dry/sensitive skin....made with plant nectars, red raspberry seeds, and tropical flower infusions.....you'll feel like you are on vacation after using this scrub.

2. Island Java Coconut Scrub....combination skin types.....sultry and warm...exfoliates while leaving a soft layer behind. For oily skin, follow with a face cleanser such as Driftwood.

3. Lemongrass Sage Brightening Scrub....BEST SELLER! oily to combination skin types....helps to stimulate skin cell renewal and brightens and lightens spots damaged by hyperpigmentation.

4. Mermaid Petals Cleansing Grains.....normal/dry/combination skin......dry granules made with herbs, flowers, clays, and essential oils....best used in combination with a DBTS cleanser such as Mermaid Petals, a DBTS Face Honey....they can also be activated with a DBTS face elixir or even water.

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