By Colleen Miller on 2018-05-22

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Skin (aka the integumentary system) is an organ composed of oil glands, hairs, blood vessels, nerves, sweat glands, and receptors working together to regulate and protect.

Each square inch of skin contains: 
- millions of cells
- 8 feet of blood vessels
- 32 feet of nerves
- 650 sweat glands
- 100 oil glands
- 65 hairs
- 1300 nerve endings
- 155 pressure receptors
- 12 cold and heat receptors
(source: Milady Standard Esthetics Fundamentals 2013)

Skin is a most fascinating science with an amazing complexity. Although skin can be affected by the sun, hormones, nutrition, and other environmental factors, it has the ability to protect itself and heal itself. Absorption of healthy ingredients, water, and oxygen is important for optimal skin health. What happens when we apply a product to our skin and allow it to sit? It eventually gets absorbed through sweat gland openings (aka follicles). This can be either harmful or beneficial.
Making sure to read all of the ingredients in skincare products you purchase, or the food you eat. This is the first step in educating yourself on what exactly you are putting in your body. It is a positive lifestyle habit to be aware of what you consume through your mouth and your skin.

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