Skin Sun Safety

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Just a friendly reminder to keep your skin safe and protected from sun exposure

Risk Factors that Increase Skin Cancer:

- Too much sun exposure
- Using tanning beds
- Genetics
- Fair skin, light-colored hair and eyes 
- Frequent childhood sunburns
- Exposure to toxic chemicals

Assess your skin monthly with the ABCDE's:

A - Asymmetrical. Can you draw a line down the middle of a mole and are the sides even?
B - Borders. Are they even or uneven?
C - Colors. Assess for any color changes and note darkness.
D - Diameter. What is the size, is it changing? 
E - Evolution. Has it increased in size, shape, color?

To Prevent:

Avoid direct sun exposure from 10am-4pm when sun's rays are the strongest (I love sunrise and sunset times to enjoy gentle sunshine)

Use hats, sunglasses, sun protective apparel

Babies should not be in the sun before six months of age during the hours of 10-4 and even in the shade their skin is so delicate it can burn. Babies under six months do not have adequate melanocytes developed yet, so they do not have the kind of skin protection older children or adults have.  

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