Calendula Primrose Face Cream
Calendula Primrose Face Cream
Calendula Primrose Face Cream
Calendula Primrose Face Cream
Calendula Primrose Face Cream
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Calendula Primrose Face Cream

This ultra hydrating face cream is handcrafted with anti-aging, vitamin-rich ingredients that help repair dry, damaged skin and provide a protective barrier to soften and protect without leaving a greasy feel. A beautiful light pink color from an alkanet root infusion, this cream melts lovingly onto the skin.

T H E   P L A N T   L O V E

CALENDULA provides skin-softening and rich restorative properties that protect skin from premature aging.
EVENING PRIMROSE is an essential fatty acid necessity for skin in this oil help treat inflammation, eczema, and wrinkles while also softening hormone imbalance issues on specific facial areas.
RED RASPBERRY is a source of natural UV protective qualities, highly moisturizing and emollient.
ESSENTIAL OILS including FRANKINCENSE, CARROT SEED, and HELICHRYSUM help to lift and tighten skin, reduce signs of aging, reduce appearance of pores, improving skin tone and elasticity.
PLANT-DERIVED CO2 EXTRACTS soften wrinkles, regenerating skin that has been damaged by sun or aging.

T H E   R I T U A L 

Apply by massaging in small circular motions after cleansing over facial and decollete areas. For an added boost, add a drop of your favorite Drifting by the Sea face serum onto a teaspoon of this cream in the palm of your hand, and massage to combine. 

T H E.  I N G R E D I E N T S:

Distilled water, Rose Hydrosol*, Apricot Kernal Oil* infused with Calendula Fowers* and Red Raspberry Leaves*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Alkanet Root, Red Raspberry Oil, Vegetable wax*, Sunflower Lechitin*, Ghana unrefined Shea Butter*, Vitamin E, CO2 extracts of Calendula* and Evening Primrose*,  Essential Oils of Frankincense*, Carrot Seed*, Rose Geranium* and Helichrysum*, and Grapefruit Seed Extract. (*certified organic)

4 oz net wt in a glass jar

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