Vitamin Sea Jelly Face Masque
Vitamin Sea Jelly Face Masque
$ 28.00

Vitamin Sea Jelly Face Masque

The Vitamin Sea Face Jelly Masque is an original formula that boasts essential nutrients that are known to hydrate and firm, uncovering a healthy glow after a single use. This masque features a revitalizing blend of herbs, flowers, fruits, and seaweed that contain a plethora of humectant compounds that mimic hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides, B & C vitamins, enzymes, and healing resins.
Masques work to provide skin a chance to revitalize skin cell turnover by supporting skin with rebuilding and strengthening tools that support healthy connective tissue. Clarifying and nourishing for all skin types, and extra beneficial for mature skin.

T H E   R I T U A L
STEP 1 - Paint masque over face with your favorite masque brush. You can even use fingertips to massage the masque into face and neck areas, which I enjoy as well. If your skin feels dry, add a few drops of your favorite DBTS face serum with the masque.
STEP 2 - After masque has been applied, you can rest and soak in some precious time for yourself, for about 10-15 minutes. I love to use this time for meditation. It's short and sweet, and those meditation minutes are such a powerful addition to my day. Pull up something on spotify or you tube to relax with and give yourself the gift of self-love.
STEP 3 - Before removing, mist your favorite DBTS face elixir over masque areas.
STEP 4 - Then, take a warm washcloth and using pressing movements over face, gently remove. This provides a relaxing added steam treatment to the skin and helps to loosen pores to dislodge any remaining oils or debris.
STEP 5 - Next, mist again with your favorite DBTS elixir to help lock in moisture.
STEP 6 - Apply your favorite DBTS face serum to face and neck area using medium pressure, to give your face a uplifting massage. Using palms to lift skin upwards. The serum helps to give skin "glide" in order to do the massage.
STEP 7 - Apply a DBTS sunscreen to face and neck.
STEP 8 - Set your final skin ritual with a mist of DBTS elixir and be locked in for hours of moisture and beauty!

Each masques comes included with a masque fan brush and masque instruction guide.

T H E   I N G R E D I E N T S
Irish Seamoss*, Vitamin C*, Green Spirulina*, Rose Hips*, Green Sea Clay, Raspberry leaves*, Orange Peel*, Lemon Peel*, Hibiscus*, and Essential Oils of Sandalwood*, Vetiver*, and Jasmine*. (Certified Organic)

2 fl oz in a glass jar with bamboo lid