Eyebright Overnight Regenerative Serum
$ 36.00

Eyebright Overnight Regenerative Serum

An infusion of nutritive tropical oils and skin cell strengthening herbs to brighten and awaken tissue around the eyes. This buttery serum gel is a drink for the eye area that rejuvenates overnight in the plant goodness of sweet berry oil nectars to feel supple, soft and nourished. Helps to restore softness and health under eyes, reducing appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and tiredness. 

Eyebright has been used in traditional folk medicine to help tighten the membranes surrounding the eyes and prevent secretion of fluids, reducing excess phlegm and mucus in the eyes, sinuses and upper respiratory tract. High in Vitamin C, it supports collagen and tissue healing caused by the aging process.

The Ritual: Massage small amount of serum into all areas around the eyes: eyebrows, in-between the eyes (your "third eye"), and under the eye area. Pat lightly or just pinky fingers to apply. You may also apply to cotton ball to wipe/remove eye makeup. Reapply under the eye area for a nutritive leave-on overnight treatment that will soak in natural vitamins and mineral to help restore the under eye area. You can also add a few drops to your favorite Drifting by the Sea face moisturizer and massage onto clean skin and undereye areas, leaving on for a daytime treatment. 

Ingredients: Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Red Raspberry Seed Oil*, Avocado Oil* infused with Eyebright*, Rosehips Seed Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2* and Carrot Seed Essential Oil*. (*certified organic)

1 fl oz in a glass bottle with dropper