The Art of the Double Cleanse

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Have you experienced a double cleanse before? Estheticians swear by them when offering facial treatments, and there are so many reasons why. Double cleansing helps remove those hidden impurities that a single cleanse cannot get. Also, preparing the skin for moisturizing is best when it is free from impurities and softly cleansed. Summer skin is often more oily so I tend to do more double cleanses in the hot summer months. Here's my favorite method:

1. Start by applying a serum to the skin and massage into skin. Remove with compressing warm washcloth over face. 

2. Continue with your favorite cleanser by dampening skin and massaging over skin and neck making sure it lathers up before rinsing. 

3. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. 

And, that's it! So easy, and I am sure you will see results quickly. If you have more dry skin, you may want to do a double cleanse only a few times a week, or for very dry skin use a serum for both cleanses. If your skin is more oily, you may enjoy using an exfoliator like the Lemongrass Sage Brightening Scrub for step 1, to really get the hidden oils cleansed. 

I hope these tips help and you enjoy cleansing that is twice as nice :-)


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