Telangiectasia - Diagnosis, Treatment, and Repair

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Couperose skin, (aka telangiectasia) is the dilation of capillary walls, causing them to appear larger, broken, and damaged. This skin condition occurs when walls lose their elasticity, dilate, fill with blood, and sometimes bursting. As skin matures and experiences hormonal changes, microcirculation - which involves blood being transported from heart to small arteries, capillaries, small veins, and then back to the heart - can weaken. Heredity, alcohol, smoking, sun damage, harsh cosmetics, trauma, pregnancy, and digestive problems can also contribute to permanent dilation of the capillaries.
If you experience telangiectasia, it is not too late to make some changes that can improve the appearance of skin. Good nutrition, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise, yoga, meditation are a few of my favorite ways for prevention and skin repair. Of course, a natural organic skincare line is required as well.

Here are two of my favorite Drifting by the Sea skincare treatments I
 recommend to improve this condition:

1. Skin Vapor Decollete Drops. Using this particular serum with the lymphatic drainage massage technique (see my blogpost about this) will help to improve circulation so that capillary walls will be less likely to prematurely lose elasticity. Click here to learn more about Skin Vapor and the massage technique.

2. Red Raspberry. Did you know that red raspberries are one of the leading herbs that have been shown to help balance female hormones naturally? With more solid studies that link hormone replacement therapy to breast cancer, natural sources of balancing hormones are important to find. The specific vitamins and minerals in the seeds of red raspberries provide uterine strengthening qualities, reduce heavy blood flow in menstruation, reduce menstrual cramping, and can increase fertility. By applying products that contain red raspberry seed oil, you can absorb the benefits through your skin, minimizing hormonal changes that may contribute to skin cell weakening.

Discover and fall into LOVE with red raspberry, found in the above items (listed clockwise)

Synergy Day Serum
Petal Dew Beauty Balm
Mermaid Petals Cleansing Grains

If you are a smoker, drinker, or do not currently practice any form of exercise, yoga, or meditation, it is never to late to start. Habits can be CHANGED! Start small with 10-15 minutes per day doing something you love that gets your body moving: walking, hiking, swimming, outdoor activities with children.....a practical goal for YOU in order to train your body and mind into receiving healthy habits. As you progress with moving your body, you will be more used to the euphoria from increased circulation and you will want MORE! Keep moving and circulating and breathing. Sending you all lots of love today!!!


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