Queen of the Wildflowers: Carrot Seed

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A field of Queen Anne's Lace (aka Wild Carrot: Daucus carota) with my daughters a few years ago on my family's farm in Illinois. This memory brings to mind the song that's been in my head all day by Tom Petty: "You belong among the wildflowers"

Did you know that the brilliantly perfect carrot seed essential oil is derived from these free roaming beauties, and not from actual carrots? Although the plants are related, wild carrot is an ancestor of our domesticated carrot. Wild carrot is used for its seeds which are distilled in essential oils, and the domesticated carrot is used for eating the taproot. 

Carrot seed is a staple ingredient in all of my eye treatment formulas for its sublime ability to just about erase away fine lines on delicate areas of skin. It has a distinct aroma that I would describe as slightly sweet and earthy. 

History has it that the plant derived its name from Queen Anne as she pricked herself from making the white "lace" and a drop of blood landed on the flower. Every time I see Queen Anne's lace flowers I check for the blood droplet in the center of the flower and it is always there! Every. Single. Time. 

So as Tom Petty's song continues....."you belong somewhere you feel free" 

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