It's a Great Day to Be Alive ~ My Top 3 Tips for Feeling Alive Today

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Do you get that feeling sometimes, so filled with gratitude and love for just "being" that you want to shout out how happy you are to be alive? Not every day is that type of day, we (apparently) need to have some downer days to appreciate the highs of life (bummer I know). Lately I've noticed that taking time for myself really helps to incease the spontaneous highs I get and maybe here are a few reasons why:

1. Quiet Time - I love escaping in the mornings to do things solo. Walk on the beach, go to the gym, pull weeds in my garden, or just sit and sip tea flipping through a prayer book to find something that calls to me. Mornings are my everything! Granted it hasn't always been that way with four children - sometimes their needs especially when they were little - were much greater than mine, and somehow though I had some fulfillment out of those moments looking back. I still can't believe how fast time flies!

2. Slow Skincare - you saw this one coming didn't you? Well, it is really easy to rush around and hurry. I always have so many ideas and inspirations flowing through my brain at any given moment. Sometimes I don't make it "intentional" to wash my face, my body, and do overall skincare rituals. My day is so much better when I take time to slow it down especially before bed, using firm pressure to massage products like cleanser, cleansing grains, and serum along my jaw line, neck and upper chest areas. Try it and see what you think!

3. Stretch & Pray - Upon waking up, I try to do some random stretches of my legs, hands, and arms. Then I try to say a few little prayers of my gratitude like wow I get to wake up today! Wow my kids are healthy and my bed is cozy I am so thankful! Even if I don't have time for morning meditation, a little prayer before getting out of bed goes a long way in my day. 

I hope these tips help you today. 

Love, light, and hope



PS ~ this pic was taken from this morning's sunrise which is where all these collective thoughts were planted in my mind 

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