How to Perform a Natural Eyelift

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Applying an eye cream doesn't have to be boring. There's so much more you can do with your eye treatment besides applying it under your eyes and drifting off to sleep. Here are some easy but effective ways to rejuvenate the delicate area under the eyes that can make a dramatic difference in your skin health.
1. Add a pea sized amount to fingertips and massage in a nickel sized circle in the area between your eyes (aka your third eye). Do this for one minute or more.
2. Massage with teeny tiny circles using your pinky finger along the bridge of the undereye bone all the way from side of your nose to your cheek bone area. Do this on both sides for one minute each.
3. Massage your temple area on each side of face using circular motions, for one minute.
Xoxo- Colleen
Try implementing these techniques next time you apply your eye cream and let me know what you think!

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