Fall Skin Masquerading ~ How to Gently Progress into Healthy Seasonal Skin

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When the seasons change, so does our skin. What better way to feed your body's largest organ than with a  spicy, sweet, or tropical escape to a pure sensory joy journey that a facial masque brings?
I feel like masques are one of those items where when you pick up the bottle of ingredients, you being to oohhh and ahhh, and envision all the delightful things that are about to happen when you open it up. Isn't that a thing these days, especially when so many of us have become so extremely educated on the importance of good health and what that means ingredient-wise in a product. 
From food to skin, each ingredient should have some kind of purpose. I have always believed that, and so my ingredients are a hundred miles long. Some are short and some are longer, it just depends. It's kind of like a salad. Sometimes a simple salad will do, and other times you want to smell and taste a variety of different aromas and flavors around you to tantalize your senses and take you on a spiritual journey. I hope that is what I have accomplished here but updating the masque bottles to my favorite bottles of all time, and also some of the ingredients tweaked, and an entirely new masque: Leaves and Roots, which is perfect for fall in my opinion. 
Anyways, here are some highlights on the four different masques I create from scratch. If you are still unsure, I am now offering them in little sampler packs, which provide 1-2 treatments each. 
1. Driftwood Detox Masque - This is a total clarifying masque, designed for skin that is super congested, oily, combination, and uneven. Use it over your entire face/neck area or as a "face mapping" tool for those stubborn spots that cause skin problems. 
2. Fruit Flower Berry Enzyme Masque - Ideal for dry/sensitive skin types that need a rehydrating clarifier. This enzymatic glow masque gently exfoliates as a hydrating multi-tasker. 
3. Leaves & Roots Antioxidant Masque - Visibly plumps and firms with an antioxidant-rich feast of flavonoids, polyphenols, and B vitamins. Ideal for all skin types, as many different skintypes can benefit from antioxidant activities. 
4. Mermaid Petals Land & Sea Masque - A hydrator and clarifier all in one. Flower petals with mineral-rich sea proteins such as spirulina, kelp, and nori all benefit skin deep down. Draws out impurities while restoring important vitamins and mineral to damaged skin. 
You can't really go wrong with any of these masques, and you can even face map with a variety of different masques all at once. That's really fun by the way. Perfect for upcoming Halloween! :-)

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