ABCDE Warning Signs of Melanoma & Sun Protection Tips

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The can feel sooooo good sometimes on our skin....but it can be soooo bad. I'm sure you have heard that a million times. My own mother fell victim to skin cancer 24 years ago, but since then times have changed and there is more education and awareness than ever before on skin protection. I recommend seeing a dermatologist to check for skin cancer twice a year. Here is a guide to further help you track and learn about the ABCDE's of Melanoma, which if found early enough, has a high rate of successful treatment. And don't ever be afraid to get a second opinion from a different dermatologist!

Here's another VERY important fact for you, your friends or family members 
who have babies: (please feel free to share, as most people do not know this)
Baby skin is most vulnerable in the first 6 months of life because they haven't yet developed all the melanocytes - the skin pigments that protect us from the sun - that they will have when they get older. Dress your baby regularly in a brimmed hat and clothing that fully covers their arms and legs. Sunscreen is not recommended by the American Cancer Foundation until after 6 months of age.

My tips for healthy sun protected skin:
* Wear hats

* Seek shade
* Wear sunscreen (don't forget the neck area and ears!)

* Have children apply sunscreen before getting dressed to make sure they get better full coverage
* Plant trees :-)

Love yourself, love your friends & family, and love your SKIN!

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