Vanilla Honey Nectar Face Cleanser
$ 25.00

Vanilla Honey Nectar Face Cleanser

Vanilla Honey Nectar Face's like a velvety dessert mousse delicacy for gliding over the your senses inhale the decadent aromas of in-house extracts of Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Frankincense infused into evening primrose oil. Sultry essential oils of Vetiver, and warm earthy Oakmoss combined with nutritious Pumpkin Seed Oil and a top note of juicy fresh Red Mandarin, as your skin settles in harmony while a buttery, gentle foam sweeps away dirt and buildup in your pores. 

Imagine drenching your face with a velvety soft gel that lightly foams while coating dry skin with a radiance of beauty. Revitalize and re-texturize dull, dry skin with this heavenly dessert-worthy facial cleansing treatment that removes debris while leaving skin silky soft. This face cleanser is excellent for dry, mature, and sensitive skin types. Essential oils helps to naturally dissolve unwanted bacteria which contributes to aging, blemishes, and uneven skin conditions. Raw honey is included to not only soothe skin but provide anti-bacterial benefits as well. 

T H E   R I T U A L

Massage dime-sized amount onto dampened skin, closing eyes while gliding cleanser over face and neck areas, allowing cleanser to lovingly foam on your skin as you inhale the warm, calming, decadently soft aromas. Rinse by applying a warm, damp, clean towel over face and neck to remove, and pat dry. Follow with a splash of your favorite DBTS facial elixir and hydrate the skin with a DBTS moisturizer. Optional: Combine a teaspoon of Cleansing Grains with teaspoon of Vanilla Honey Nectar Cleanser before applying, by mixing together and massaging onto face to achieve a gentle cleansing exfoliation.

T H E   I N G R E D I E N T S

Saponified oils of Olive*, Coconut*, and Shea Butter, Raw Honey*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Madagascar Vanilla Beans*, Frankincense*, and Essential oils of Vanilla Co2*, Vetiver*, Oakmoss*, Amyris*, and Red Mandarin*. (*certified organic)

4 fl oz in a glass bottle with pump