Lemongrass Sage Face Brightening Scrub
Lemongrass Sage Face Brightening Scrub
Lemongrass Sage Face Brightening Scrub
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Lemongrass Sage Face Brightening Scrub

Freshy ground botanicals are ground and mixed into a natural, mineral blend of pumice stone powder, and enriched with saponified oils and thick, rich Pomegranate Seed Oil and Vitamin-rich Sea Buckthorn Berry. Together, this exfoliation treatment stimulates cell turnover and reverse signs of aging and sun damage, providing a foamy brightening treat to lighten and brighten skin naturally. Sage and Lemongrass are my homegrown, organic herbs that give this exfoliator a special loving and FRESH touch.

You'll love how this scrub now only exfoliates, but provides a soft foamy lather that helps to massage product over your skin. Natural plant extracts, essential oils, and moisturizing properties of this tropical-infused scrub away dirt and oils that clog follicles, without damaging the dermal layer of skin. Regular use will help correct skin damaged by hyperpigmentation and other skin inflammatory conditions that cause unevenness, dark spots, and breakouts.

The essential oil blend in this beautiful treatment will leave your skin feeling happy, invigorated, and uplifted all day long. The aromatherapeutic effects of this scrub lovingly work to boost your mood, clear your mind, and remove toxic thoughts. Best used in your morning skincare rituals to help recharge mind and skin for a brand new day!

T H E    R I T U A L

Refresh, hydrate, and cleanse by applying a small dime-sized (or more) amount onto face and neck areas. For oily/combination skin, you can apply directly to dry skin before adding water and rinsing. For dry/damaged skin you may prefer to dampen skin with warm water before applying. After applying to skin, massage throughout face and neck with tiny circular movements. Rinse with warm washcloths, or step into the shower for a therapeutic spa rinse.

T H E    I N G R E D I E N T S

Pumice, Saponified Oils of Olive*, Coconut*, & Shea Butter*, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Licorice Root*, Comfrey Root*, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil*, Sage*, Lemongrass*, and Essential Oils*.
(*signifies certified organic, organic, or wildcrafted ingredient)

4 fl oz in a keepsake apothecary glass jar
1 oz glass jar sample size