Upper Lip Protection Tips

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Did you know that the puckering motion you use to drink through a straw is like that of smoking a cigarette, and can result in similar long-term consequences to facial skin above the lip? This type of movement around the upper lip area causes vertical lines around your mouth to become more pronounced over time. 
Here are some other tips to help protect and treat that area of the face:
1. Using a toothbrush, lightly brush skin with circular motions to stimulate the muscles.
2. Don't forget to massage your exfoliator over the upper lip area - many people will exfoliate the entire face but miss this area because it being so close to the mouth. Lips can be exfoliated too! (my current favorite gentle exfoliator is the Charcoal Rose Face Cleanser which not only exfoliates dead skin, but it pulls toxins and impurities to the top and scrubs them away).
3. Before bed, apply an extra layer of moisturizer or serum above the lip for extra hydration. Better yet, use both!
4. Apply a masque to the upper lip area at least once a week to help increase skin cell turnover rate and pull away dirt and toxins.
5. Drink from a cup whenever possible! No straws!
6. Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day. I know it's hard.....but it helps to get a big jug to carry around with you all day instead of having to refill your cup a hundred times....who has time for that? :-)

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