The Chemistry of Oil Cleansing

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Oil Cleansing. It's effective. It's lovely. It can give you the most dewy, radiant skin you've ever experienced. Oil cleansing is like feeding your skin with plants. Specially-chosen essential oils are chosen for their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and cold-pressed organic oils extracted from the fruits, seeds, and nuts of plants make the best combinations. (check out my new Seeds & Petals Cleansing Oil that I am just in LOVE with)

What exactly does a Cleansing Oil do? It melts off makeup, while leaving skin plump and hydrated like you were just on a vacation. It provides anti-oxidants. It cleanses without stripping away important oils and disrupting the natural acid balance on your skin. Applying oil cleanser will dissolve stubbornly stuck impurities and oils and provide just enough lubrication to follicles to prevent skin from over-compensating more oil after the cleanse is complete.

Placing oil on your skin will not cause breakouts, blemishes, blackheads, etc. The RIGHT kind of oil - derived specifically from plants - can be applied and help you work with your skin, not against it. Plant oils (and the ones that are extracted using methods that retain all their natural skin-loving properties in place) won't kill off the good bacterias, but will make friends with them! I love using cold-pressed, organic, plant oils with essential oils in my formulas. These oils have NOT had their vitamins and other beneficial properties extracted out of them, as you can tell from their rich colors.

How to Oil Cleanse
1. Start by applying a few teaspoons of oil in your clean palm and rub palms together to warm.
2. Massage into skin with fingertips, taking your time to use small circular motions over every inch of your face (and neck).
3. Dip a clean washcloth in a bowl of clean, hot steamy water (not scalding).
4. Cover entire face with your washcloth and leave over face area until it cools.
5. Breathe in and relax, giving it times while pores can soften and release impurities, dead skin cells, and bacterias.
6. Use your fingertips to keep circulating oil over and into skin with light pressure.
7. Resist the urge to scrub your face over with the washcloth. Instead, just pat over skin.
8. Continue with a dry towel patting gently over skin.

You should now have soft, dewy, glowing skin! Depending on your skintype, use this method when you have more dryness and when skin is dehydrated. Before bed is a great time to utilize this treatment. There is no one-stop method for all skin, but I think everyone could benefit from this at some point in their week. Let me know your thoughts, and experiences! I would love to hear from you!

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