Plastic Freedom Encouragement

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I am trying soooo hard to remove myself from dependence on plastics, in all areas of my life. Plastic is everywhere it is even found in clothing (microfiber, polyester, etc). When we wash our clothing in the washing machine, microplastics leach out and into our waterways ending up in sealife.

What is happening?

Why aren't plastic bags outlawed? Why aren't balloons outlawed? The other day I saw a photo on social media of a woman who received a surfboard as a gift for her new love of surfing, surrounded by helium balloons. Do you think these balloons were properly recycled? Or did they end up in the landfill only to float up and away, into the ocean.

Something very strong inside me says that enough is enough. We don't NEED plastics! We don't need excess. I understand it may be a habit to spray on a skincare product, or use a plastic pump to disperse what you need. But, what makes us so deserving that we need to use things that are disposed of, that are never going to break down or be recycled?

Just a friendly reminded of what I do what I do, and hopefully I will encourage you to be strong and find NEW ways to disperse your skincare products that are fun and provide volumes of happiness to fill you with self care skin love.



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