Plant Medicine for Skin Sensitivities

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The internal membrane of the skin is delicate, and aggressive treatments can worsen the effects. Sensitive skin, redness, hyperpigmentation, acne, and broken capillaries are just some types of irritations that can be solved with facial goals that focus on deep cleansing rituals balanced with a gentle, cautious approach. When the skin shows signs of infection, it is important to treat the area as you would any inflamed area, including the use of warm damp towel compressions, and anti-inflammatory products.
Exfoliation dissolves desmosomes between cells to keep skin cells debris-free. Exfoliation also softens acne, stimulating cell membrane circulation and increasing skin cell turnover rates.

I am often asked for specific product recommendations from those experiencing suffering any of the above inflammatory conditions. 20+ years ago when I first developed my company, I struggled with acne and inflammations and couldn't figure out why. Once I started reading ingredients on bottles and jars I was purchasing (most of which were from a health food store even!) I discovered so many unnecessary ingredients and chemicals that were probably contributing to my inflammations. Once I started creating and using my own products, inflammations became a thing of the past.

 These are just a few of my favorite products that have been very successful in helping so many. I hope they can help you too!

 Driftwood Facial Masque
 Driftwood Face Cleanser
 Blemish Banisher
 Lemon Tea Tree Face Elixir

Here are two of my favorite tips for keeping skin healthy when you are suffering from inflammations:
1. Sleep with a freshly laundered pillow case every night. If it's not possible, flip your pillow case inside out.
2. Include hot towel compresses when cleansing. This will help soften follicles allowing removal of debris to flow easier.

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