Manual Exfoliation

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Dull and dry skin can be extra common this time of year and exfoliation is an effective treatment to remove buildup of dead skin cells that can cause skin to appear dull.

Here are two tips to keep your exfoliation ritual ON POINT!

1. Exfoliate in the Shower - you might find that you spend more attention to the exfoliating process by slowing down in the shower, and the rinse part allows a very thorough cleanse!
2. After exfoliating, try layering skin with a serum and beauty balm together, since skin may be a little more sensitive after exfoliating when exposed to the elements, a layering up moisture plan will add more protection.
Check out the new Coconut Lime Brightening Scrub (pictured above) ~ not only does it smell amazing but it's filled with emerald green oil powerhouses including Avocado Oil, Hempseed Oil, and Virgin Coconut Oil to soothe skin as it softens and renews!

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