Follicles or Pores?

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The words "follicles" and "pores" are often used interchangeably. It's important to understand how they are different. A pore is simply a hair follicle opening that extends downward through several layers of skin. Skin cells that are constantly dying inside the follicle are pushed up through the follicle by sebum (oils), exiting through the pore. The mixture of dead skin cells and oils helps to form a protective layer on your skin, but sometimes the pore can become blocked and materials can't get out, and blemishes occur. Smaller pores means your skin produces less oil, which leads to dryness, aging, and wrinkles. Larger pores means more oil is produced and your skin is less prone to the effects of aging. 
Sweat is produced by separate glands that can sometimes leaves excess salt behind contributing to blemishes.
The size of our pores is mostly determined by genetics but also by aging, sun damage, poor hygiene and buildup of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. To help keep them free of debris, it's important to exfoliate daily and apply a masque at least once a week. 

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