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This virus is not something to take lightly, as it's affecting everyone whether we get infected or not. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, and I hope you all are reflecting on the ways in which a response to everything going on can be something in your control. Yoga, meditation, music. Whatever brings your soul calmness and peace you are going to need during these times more than ever. 

First of all, I am hunkered down for the most part in my home, surrounded by the things and people I love. I am not leaving except to be outdoors in areas away from people, and to buy groceries. I'm not purchasing any prepared food, because I don't feel it's safe. 

Right now, I am pretty stocked up on supplies and ingredients. One of my suppliers is running behind on orders, due to the INCREASE in holistic herbal ingredients that many are turning to for immune protection and strengthening. If I get below a certain point, I will make that product unavailable on the website. Hopefully temporarily. 

What else am I doing?

1. TONS MORE GARDENING. I have been planting seeds, tons of seeds. More than my family will need. Hopefully enough to give to others. Plus, gardening is not only food, but it is such a therapeutic experience getting the hands immersed in the earth. 

2. CREATING. I have elderberries and echinacea infusing in olive oil right now, for a special immunity skin salve. More to come on this soon. 

I hope to share some gardening tips this week with you soon as well.

Plant lovers, we will bind together and overcome this health crisis. Plants are life and medicine. Go get your hands dirty. 

Wishing you all strength, calmness, and good health. 



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