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Are you nuts over coconuts? Or, do you find coconuts to not be valuable to your skincare? In the esthetics world there seems to be a great deal of confusion. About 10 years ago (2008-ish), I would run into a friend at the Cocoa Beach Sunseed Food Coop who worked there as a cashier and I always admired her skin. The fact she was in her 60s was another reason why I admired her skin so much. It had taken the Florida sun, and years of environmental "experience" and still looked soft, milky, and beautiful. I know she loves the beach and didn't hide from the sun, so I asked her....what is your secret? Turns out, she consumed lots and lots of coconut oil in her foods, and also used it on her skin. So naturally, as a skincare alchemist I began playing and formulating some new products to include this delicious ingredient that at the time I was only using to consume, because what I found was WOW this was one of the most powerful, natural, and skin-improving ingredients I have ever used (and it still is one of my top favorites). In fact, I don't think I would be very happy living without coconut oil!
After doing some research and reading up on the different types of coconut oil (because you know I read every.single.label........) I discovered that not all coconut oils are the same.
When I hear anything negative mentioned about coconut oil, I always ask...."What brand of coconut oil do you use?" Most of the time, the answer to that question is unknown.
All coconut oils are not the same. Some are heavily refined at high heat temperatures which takes away vitamins/nutrients. Hydrogenated coconut oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids that are hydrogenated to change its melting point and turn into trans fats. Some brands of coconut oil are even mass produced with solvent extracts, and it is unknown if those solvents are still lingering in the oil. Coconut oil is sometimes bleached and deoderized, which is unfortunate because the true coconut aroma is extremely pleasing to the senses.
The past decade has brought a lot of information and confusion, and in my opinion it is due to the mass media and pharmaceutical companies who might be a little afraid. Trust me when I say coconut oil comes with a TON of benefits for your body inside and out, but it's important to find the BEST coconut oil for your health, and I have done that for you in my Drifting by the Sea Skincare products. You will find virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined, non-hydrogenated, non-gmo coconut oil in many of my products including balms, creams, and lip treatments.
So, if you have had any negative experiences with coconut oil, ask yourself where it was derived and how it was processed, and if your skincare formulator (or esthetician) is familiar with coconut oil varieties. Just sayin. Have a great day loves!!!

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