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How do you find the perfect products for your skin? If you see an esthetician, they will likely recommend products based on your skintype. Otherwise, it's trial and error a lot of times. Don't be confused or discouraged if your skin "type" changes. For the most part, you can use products in your skin type zone most of the year. Although, sometimes changes in weather depending on where you live, hormones, foods you eat, and environmental factors can influence your skin type to where you might be "oily" one season, and "dry" in another. This happens. I put together 3 sampler trial kits that will last for approximately two weeks, with six different products in each. If you find yourself going back and forth between skin "types" you may find that the combination box is the one for you. I tried to put products in that particular box that will work for most skin types.
I hope you enjoy having the opportunity to test out a trial kit, and remember these make lovely gifts for someone special in your life who may be in need of some skin loving! :-)
Happy Valentine's Day all! 

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