3 Ways to Apply Face Elixirs

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Now that I have zeroed out all plastic - including misters - I wonder if there will be an easy learning curve to accompany this plastic-free life? Misters are so widely used, but that also means widely wasted and many of them fall into the single-use or handful-of-times-use category. Do we need them? Heck no! 
Want to find out my 3 favorite ways to apply elixirs? Well here ya go!
1. The Towel Dab. Turning bottle upside down, allow teaspoon of Elixir to absorb into a clean and damp washcloth. The dampness will help with spreading and allowing Elixir to go further. Proceed by massaging washcloth over face and neck.

2. The Art of Brushwork. Damper a clean fan brush then insert brush into Elixir bottle. Begin "painting" face and neck with Elixir. Repeat if needed until desired amount is applied.

3. Treatment Bowl Hydrology. Add a tablespoon of Elixir to your treatment bowl. Dip clean fingertips in and proceed to use fingers to apply Elixir over face/neck. The little bowl is a sweet mechanism to alchemize your Elixir into an exfoliating blend (add some cleansing grains) or turn your cleanser into a more powerful antibacterial/clarifying treat.

I hope you will consider trying one or more of these ways to use your elixirs. Tag #driftingbythesea on Instagram for your alchemy inspirations! 

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